Network Marketing: The Neurological Bomb

According to those who have dedicated their entire careers to brain mapping and neurological medical studies, as many as 50% of all human beings are simply not cognitively hardwired to become entrepreneurs. They cannot and will not attempt Network Marketing.

Dr. Albert Bandura, the noted Stanford psychologist, confirmed this in our minds when we spent an entire day with him in Palo Alto, California. We had his divided attention for eight hours and learned a great deal about what leads to personal wealth and self-efficacy. Most interesting to us was his research that concluded that success is not just about personal choice, but rather specific neurological hardwiring.

New Networkers must realize two things about prospects if they want to avoid the neurological bomb. First, half of the people they approach cannot do Network Marketing. Second, many of those who can’t will blame it on the industry rather than admit their own inadequacies and fears. By understanding those facts, new Networkers can both anticipate and recognize what’s really occurring when half the people they approach are immediately resistant or negative.

Here’s how it works. We meet a person who appears very talkative and outgoing. She may be wearing an expensive watch or beautiful clothing, so it looks like she’s experienced success. She’s a natural salesperson and could be a tremendous addition to our team. Right? Not necessarily. She’s a woman with a good watch who may not be hardwired to perform tasks without structure or supervision. She may be a brilliant marketing representative with a Fortune 100 company who succeeds because of quotas, good managers, an office and a specific territory. In fact, let’s assume that she’s not neurologically hardwired to succeed as an entrepreneur in spite of her appearance and projected confidence.

First, she doesn’t know that she doesn’t know how to be an entrepreneur. That’s called unconscious incompetence. But even if she did fully accept her limitations, she’s not about to tell a stranger or friend. She’ll maintain her self-assurance and poise to the bitter end. Perhaps she’ll point out why pyramid schemes or home businesses are beneath her dignity and professionalism. She may actually sneer and laugh-off the approach as nonchalantly as a cow flicking away flies with her tail.

But it doesn’t always stop there. Sometimes prospects feel the need to ridicule the person approaching them as if to do so might somehow cover up their own character defects, fears and inadequacies. New Networkers need to be ready to sidestep this land mine because it will surface often if they’re exposing a lot of prospects to the business.

Expect half the people you contact to say “no” because they just can’t do our business. Of the other half who are neurologically hardwired properly for our industry, most will be comfortable enough in their own occupation to decline your offer. Don’t let those numbers and ratios upset you because one good leader can earn you millions. That happened to me and it certainly happened to everyone in my Upline.

Stay with it long enough and you’ll find your thoroughbreds. Don’t worry about all the mules you pass on the road. Mules can’t help the fact that they

were born to be mules and there’s nothing we can ever do to convert one into a Kentucky Derby winner.


Expect half the people you approach to say, “No” because they just can’t do our business.

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