Network Marketing: The Friends and Family Bomb

Don’t try to convince new Distributors to think that their friends and families are their only or best warm market. Most of us can count our friends and family on our fingers and toes. What happens after we blast through them? What if they refuse to participate? Not only that, the last thing we want to do is alienate any of them. They are far too important to us and while some will join when we succeed, many won’t be successful. None of mine were.

Please pay close attention to: Yarnell’s Warm Market Law:

“When family and friends become a new Distributor’s only vehicles for growing a business, all important relationships can become tainted by ulterior motives.”

Then why is everyone taught to build a friends and family list and approach them first? Because Network Marketing has always been a relationship business and usually we can count on the support of those who love us. The problem with that perspective is two-fold. First, supportive relatives are seldom committed to our business because they join for all the wrong reasons. Second, we’re looking for serious entrepreneurs and customers, not aunts who love us. Those of us who have made the big money have learned those facts. By all means introduce friends and family to your new venture, but don’t depend on them for long-term network marketing success.

Before 1950, Network Marketing was a novelty business. It was fairly new and most people had never been to one recruiting meeting. Today, most people are very aware of Network Marketing and friends and family members won’t automatically get real excited about direct selling. Many have been approached countless times and most will resent any relative who is too persistent.

The friends and family bomb not only blows up the self-esteem of new Networkers, but can also injure personal relationships. Save your family for later in your career if they say “No,” your first month. Don’t push them. Believe me, many of your family and friends will join your company as fast as rats running off a sinking ship as soon as you start getting big checks. Until you start making big money, and you know you can fully trust the ethics of your company and efficacy of your products and services, don’t stress your most important relationships by being too forceful.

Some of you may be thinking that your Upline leaders are incompetent for the network marketing training they gave you, and teaching you to focus first on friends and family as prospects. If they are, so am I because I believed and taught that strategy for years. If enough people believe something it becomes canonized. But remember, if a million people believe a stupid idea, it’s still a stupid idea.

People much wealthier than I am abandoned their focus on a friends and family philosophy decades ago because they knew it was blowing up some of their best new Distributors. They were right…I was wrong. Remember, your warm market is comprised of literally thousands of individuals who will warm up to you immediately once they discover that you both have something important in common.

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