Network Marketing: The Correct Approach

Network marketing by definition is the word-of-mouth distribution of legitimate products to end consumers combined with the professional recruitment and training of additional distributors to further distribute those products. Professional recruitment means just that. Can you imagine Xerox or IBM or some other big company closing their human resources and recruitment offices in favor of fax blasts and Internet banner ads?

Approached properly and professionally most people will take a serious look at MLM. Approached coldly through mass contact systems, few people will entertain the notion of changing careers.Remember, there’s no such thing as “virtual passion.”

Let’s use Internet statistics as an example. According to Red Herring, an expert Internet source, “less than 1% of all banner ads result in any kind of profitable sales to the advertiser.” If I were guessing, based on feedback from lots of users of Internet recruiting systems, no system currently available has even produced a consistent income of $50,000 a month in our industry. So why do people keep paying for expensive lists and banner ads? Because they are grossly misinformed.

The best way to distribute products is to ask people to buy them. If you can’t look another human being in the eyes and ask her to buy what you’re selling, get out of marketing – network or otherwise. If you don’t believe so fervently in your product that you are passionate about sharing it with everyone you’ve ever known, quit marketing or get into a solid company with a meaningful product. If you can’t passionately approach ten or fifteen real human beings each day with a network marketing opportunity to retire wealthy in a couple of years, get out of MLM.

You don’t have to be beautiful or educated, but you do have to work hard and be extremely passionate about the product and opportunity you are selling or YOU WILL FAIL. MLM success results more often from attitude than ability, but if you don’t have either…try another profession. MLM is a SELLING PROFESSION. It’s not a lottery. I would rather talk personally to five people a day than email 500. Most quality entrepreneurs don’t even bother to read unsolicited attachments any longer anyway!

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