Network Marketing Success and Avoiding The Snake Bomb

This seems like such a no-brainer, yet it’s a bomb that’s very dangerous because many Networkers elect to step on it purposefully and hope for the best. So I’m going to be very direct. Not all the snakes are in the jungle. If you make the conscious choice to attempt to handle a snake, don’t whine when you get bit. And you will eventually get bit. That’s what snakes do. If you want to take a little extra time to learn more about snake/sociopaths, read Snakes In Suits. It’s available everywhere. But for our purposes, let’s look at the Snake Bomb as it pertains directly to Network Marketing.

Statistically speaking there are an estimated thirty million sociopaths in the U.S. and less than 1% wind up in jail. Most sociopaths learn very early in their lives that it’s more profitable to remain out of prison and cheat people than it is to risk armed felonies.

White-collar snakes do very little jail time, even if they are caught. Those who do go to jail sometimes end up with a major book contract and movie deal. They definitely become much more celebrated. I think sociopaths are more prone to enter Network Marketing than most fields because there are so few regulations.

There’s a lot of more money for snakes in securities and investments, but there is also a very powerful SEC with considerable oversight. Network Marketing isn’t always as profitable, but it’s nowhere near as risky. The problem with snakes is that they appear to bring economic opportunities, albeit shifty ones. The challenge is not so much recognizing sociopaths as it is avoiding the temptation to profit from their skills.

I’ve seen some pretty ethical people become seduced by sociopaths. They knew exactly what kind of people they were dealing with, yet decided to work with them anyway.

New Distributors need to understand that the short-term gain of associating with snakes is always a mistake. It may take some time, but ultimately sociopaths will lead decent people into cesspools. And they don’t care because that’s the M.O. of such people.

Sociopaths are only interested in themselves. Snakes lack the capacity to feel empathy for others and no matter how hard you try, you will not change them. So, here’s my suggestion. Judge no one unless they give you a reason. It makes absolutely no sense to classify anyone as a snake until you see clear evidence that you’re dealing with a sociopath.

That’s not difficult because this bomb is seldom disguised. Most of us have a built in snake meter. When some slick talking scoundrel sets off all the warning alarms, we must not be seduced by our desire for money.

If respected people have warned you or you are reasonably certain that the person you are about to recruit is a snake, don’t do it, regardless of the potential rewards. No matter how attractive, successful, wealthy, connected, powerful or seemingly kind, you cannot afford to align yourself with a business associate if you know for certain that the person is a reptile. You certainly don’t need to recruit one that is clearly unethical from the get-go.


Judge no one unless they give you a reason.
But handle a snake and prepare to get bit.

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