MLM Business Opportunities Too Good To Be True Usually Are

                               “MLM Vampires lurk behind every bush.” -Mark Yarnell

Even the most skilled and loyal networkers must be armed for the focus battle. Yesterday I got a fax that announced the “ground floor end of long distance.” No more bills of any kind…zero fees. They wrote that I should be ready for my launch kit in an unlimited width opportunity that half of America will join in less than a month. The sender was very skilled and articulate and the fax created a lot of curiosity.

Then I stopped long enough to apply a little common sense. Usually a few simple questions will do: Where’s the commissionable volume in a zero-cost long distance company? Which tracking company has the software to place 150 million people in a pay plan virtually overnight? Who are the owners? How much capital do they have? Which MLM lawyers wrote the legal opinion on their compensation plan?

It takes a minimum of five years intense focus in one company to make the truly big money in network marketing and to see huge MLM success. So let me give you some sound advice. Any time a new opportunity comes to you by any means, especially E-mail or fax, hold up a mental bag of garlic as if a financial vampire were attacking you. The reason most MLM’ers are walking around like zombies from Night of The Living Dead is that they jump on every new deal and MLM business opportunities that comes across their path. Throw away anything that is irrelevant to your current business opportunity.


                        “ I am closed to all opportunities except the one to which I am committed.”

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