God made the birds and the worms but He didn’t go around dumping worms in nests

One day a prospect told me that he was being flown into three different companies in order to meet with the corporate leaders. He said he would be happy to talk to anyone, but first wanted to know how many front line people would be placed under him and how many leads he would be provided each month.

He explained that he was a “big hitter” with 30,000 people in his last downline in another deal that had just gone under.

I told him I wouldn’t give him any leads; any front line people and he wouldn’t be flown into the home office. He was absolutely indignant so I wished him the best of luck and hung up.

He called back an hour later in total disbelief that I wasn’t overwhelmed with his potential. He wanted to know why I didn’t want to work with someone of his stature. Since you will eventually bump into this kind of person, I’ll print my exact response so you can use it on your own egomaniac prospects.

I said, “Phil, the only thing we know about you for sure is that you don’t know how to pick a good Network Marketing Opportunity. We also know that you are willing to recruit others into deals that go under. If a company is legitimate, they won’t spend their revenue wining and dining non-distributors. Great network marketing companies reward their loyal distributors, and not arrogant prospects. We want people who are looking for a home and not a free meal. The fact that you are asking for leads and a plane ticket is proof to me that you won’t fit into our culture.”

At that point he stopped me and interjected, “yeh, but I could make you a fortune! Aren’t you being stupid!”

I said, “Maybe, Phil. But I don’t want to spend the next 20 years of my life socializing and working with people who need to be dragged over the finish line. I don’t have to buy friends or associates.”

He hung up on me…which was my goal.

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