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Network Marketing: The Product Knowledge Bomb

Some people believe that a thorough knowledge of their company’s products or services is essential to network marketing success. They learn every tiny detail they can and, of course, teach their own team to do the same. There’s nothing wrong … Continue reading

God made the birds and the worms but He didn’t go around dumping worms in nests

One day a prospect told me that he was being flown into three different companies in order to meet with the corporate leaders. He said he would be happy to talk to anyone, but first wanted to know how many … Continue reading

Network Marketing: The Correct Approach

Network marketing by definition is the word-of-mouth distribution of legitimate products to end consumers combined with the professional recruitment and training of additional distributors to further distribute those products. Professional recruitment means just that. Can you imagine Xerox or IBM … Continue reading

Create Your Own MLM Strategy

“Any system works powerfully…if you do.” – Mark Yarnell Nearly 2 decades of networking have taught me that no one has the best mlm strategy. I still hear about why certain systems are better than others and why duplication is … Continue reading

Network Marketing Secret # 5: A Rich Networker’s Philosophy: Success Through Elevating Others.

The Five Secrets of Becoming a Rich Networker is a series of excerpts from Mark Yarnell’s Volume 1 of “The Holy Grail of Network Marketing Collection.” You will find more in-depth information about each secret at While every business … Continue reading