Excellent Sales Tools are Critical to Network Marketing Success

No matter how eloquent you may be, professional sales tools which are provocative and informative work when personal dialogue does not. They have a dual purpose. First, they provide information and excitement, and second, they serve to help you quickly sift through and find the right people.

Regardless of how shy or inexperienced you may be, mlm success is possible if you hand out the right tools to large numbers of people. Sales tools are the great equalizer in our industry. I’ve seen maids achieve millionaire status and mayors fail miserably all because they followed or ignored this concept. No matter how articulate, few networkers convince friends to change careers by attempting to persuade them to do so without proper tools that serve as a source of credibility and verification.

One of the most amazing facts about MLM is that many companies have become multi-million dollar dynasties without substantive products, adequate capital or ethical leaders. How did they do that? They prospered because they had extremely persuasive tools which convinced people to make emotional, uninformed decisions.

Some industry outsiders marvel about the fact that it’s possible for a little company with nothing but a mediocre long distance service or me-too type of supplement to build 300 million dollar revenues on
the strength of one particularly good audio or video recruiting tool. Others are impressed that new life can be breathed into a nearly dead company by the simple creation of an effective recruiting or product

The importance of an effective recruiting/retailing tool cannot be overstated. It’s especially critical to the person involved in an old and stable company or a brand new company. A casual stroll through
the history of our industry proves my point. Those organizations that continue to prosper decade after decade are led by individuals in the field who are constantly re-inventing the opportunity. Every few
years a new division emerges with brand new starter kits and new recruiting tools are initiated by the field leaders. The good news is that anyone with a little imagination can create a great set of tools – and
we’ll go into that further in my next post…stay tuned!

Making The Greatest Set of MLM Tools

Pick the greatest selling points about your products and opportunity and draft a script for an audio, web site and brochure. It helps to find a set of tools that has worked for other companies in the past and follow their format. Study great audio tapes and videos. The recruiting tools should be truthful and emotional. They may include the testimonials of distributors who have gone from rags to riches in a short time or product testimonials from customers who have benefited dramatically from your product line. It doesn’t take a slick, skillful sales person to create sales tools. In fact, the more down-to-earth and believable the distributor, the more effective will be the tool.

There are two things critical about these kinds of recruiting tools. First, they should be offered to your organization at your cost. Your goal must be to avoid regulatory problems while earning tremendous income through the legitimate movement of company products to end consumers. You might be tempted to profit from sales tools, but that’s the dinosaur approach.

The big money in today’s networking arena results from product movement and not from the movement of sales aids. In the old days of MLM success, leaders would consistently earn more money from tapes, books, and brochures than the actual movement of company products. That was fair and it still is. It’s called free enterprise. But in today’s world everyone knows that an audio can be dubbed for a quarter and many folks consider it offensive that their uplines would sell a tape for ten times that amount. It’s not unethical or immoral. It’s simply stupid and greedy. It’s important to keep in mind that the essence of network marketing has always been the process of recruiting a large organization to move a significant amount of products or services to the largest possible number of people. Those leaders who figure out the best and most inexpensive way for folks to do that, will ultimately achieve the most wealth. Some would argue that any leader who creates a great tool deserves to profit dramatically. I agree. It’s a question of whether that leader feels better about profiting from his organization’s success or at their expense. Either your people will appreciate your efforts to provide them with low-cost tools, or they will resent your willingness to profit from their sales and purchases.

It’s also very important to keep this simple concept in mind; a leader is someone who demonstrates what is possible. If your actions imply that the way to prosper in MLM is to create sales tool profits through exorbitant pricing, that’s what your people will plan to do. Pretty soon, all your best people will be focused on generating side money rather than product movement. There are some phenomenal distributors in MLM who have left our industry in order to pursue a career in lead generation systems, recruiting tools and consulting. That’s everyone’s loss. No one ends up sadder than the dynasty builder who has lost the vision of passive residual income.


Growing Your Goals to Foster Your Network Marketing Career | Mark Yarnell

I grew up in Missouri farmland where I thought riches were a bicycle and two clothespins that held
playing cards to the spokes so that my bike sounded like a motorcycle (at least in my mind). When
bleeding madras shirts were “in,” Mom made me one, but the sleeves were too short, so I added to
my concept of riches a store-bought madras shirt that had sufficiently long sleeves.

Of course, in my twenties, the goals became greater, but the thought of earning $100,000 or more
per month never entered my head. Therein lies the first problem. Most of us can never profit from
the unlimited income potential of networking because our primary needs are met by an income of
substantially less than a million dollars a year. Personal goals involving material wealth are seldom
very large.

One of the most frequent questions I encounter at lectures is why so few people in my former
organization earned as much as I did. Was it because I was better skilled or was it because my
business building system cannot be duplicated? It was neither. The reason was that, shortly before
I became involved in network marketing, I created, for the first time in my life, a meaningful goal
bigger than myself. My associates couldn’t imagine such huge goals.

I met a guy in Austin who had figured out a way to help poor people and prisoners escape alcoholism
and drug addiction. That excited me. Addiction had become such a big business that only those with
a good health plan or $25,000 were admitted into treatment. Yet a huge percentage of homeless
people and felons are addicts and have no place to turn. Without the goal to fund that project, I could
have quite easily stopped working when my income was $6,000 a month. Instead, I kept building
until I was earning enough money to do some good. The first logical reason for creating a meaningful
goal far beyond our own personal needs is that most of us will stop short of our potential once our
primary needs have been met.

Material possessions do not bring joy or fulfillment. Most people who have never experienced
the problems of a gilded cage argue about that point. People tell me; “Gee, Yarnell, I’d like to
experience that problem just once.” That’s because they haven’t.

In the final analysis, you will ultimately be just about as happy as you make up your mind to be, at
whatever your income level. It will have absolutely nothing to do with money or things. If your
marriage stinks, a new boat or car won’t change the smell. If you’re drinking too much and you
move to a bigger home, you’ll simply have more rooms in which to be drunk. If your dad hates you
and you give him a trip to Bermuda, he’ll hate you from the island. If you aren’t spending quality
time with your children and you give them new sports cars, you’ll never spend any time with them.

Nothing brings more real fulfillment than creating and achieving meaningful goals designed to
unselfishly help those who can’t help themselves or those who truly need the help. The recognition,
even if it is anonymous, is beyond your wildest dreams.

The fact is, if you can’t figure out some specific motives for earning a million dollars or more a
year through a network marketing opportunity …you never will. You simply won’t summon the drive and the passion to fulfill the goal. Nearly everyone has some passion, some pet interest that can be of benefit to others. Look around our world and pick something about which you can become passionate. Initially you may want to just determine a dollar amount to stick in a special account for the specific purpose of eventually helping others. But don’t wait long to identify specific goals.

While it’s virtually impossible to invest $30,000 a month intelligently, it’s easy to give away that
much anonymously. The more personally passionate you are, the better the goals will be. Trust me.

The New Key to MLM Success

“Capitalization” rather than “duplication” – Mark Yarnell

Last millennium, people believed that the key to MLM Success was duplication. I wrote about it myself in two books which are now obsolete. The real key to success in this new century is figuring out the assets of new distributors and then helping each person build a lucrative business by capitalizing on their strengths.

Some people have a huge card file full of thousands of former clients or customers, while other new distributors have been successful using direct mail marketing systems. A few folks are already skilled at using computer generated lead systems. Others are most comfortable approaching prospects with videos or CDs at public events. Some write great ads and belong to lead generation companies.

The point is this. A great leader will ask enough questions of a new distributor to determine that person’s unique talents for retailing, recruiting and coaching. I believe everyone should begin by contacting those in their warm market, but beyond that strategy, upline leaders need to help new people figure out a building system best suited to their own talents and personalities.

No one system is duplicable for every personality type. Extroverts and introverts are both capable of succeeding in our industry so long as their uplines assist them in taking advantage of their own unique gifts.

“ This week I am focused on helping each front line distributor capitalize on his or her unique assets in order that they might effectively go wide fast.”

Keeping Productive in Stupid Circumstances Especially in MLM

“If a thousand people believe a stupid thing, it’s still a stupid thing.” -Mark Yarnell

But what happens when one person believes a stupid thing? Some people react to uninformed criticism immediately, especially in Network Marketing.

Often, in their quest to avoid an unlimited MLM opportunity, prospects will surface ridiculous objections. Or, new distributors who have done very little, if anything, will become overly critical about some obscure elements of a product, company or comp plan. The trap into which even the best leaders often fall is the waste of focus and energy that occurs when a negative person diverts us into an area of worthless minutiae. There are some simple rules which can keep us productive in “stupid” circumstances.

First, prospects haven’t earned the right to be critical of your opportunity. Until they’ve signed up, been trained and gone to work, they don’t really have the wisdom to provide constructive criticism. Listen cordially, and then go back to work.

Second, until new distributors have proven their loyalty and achieved a few months of productive retailing and team building, they haven’t earned the right to begin criticizing anything. Gently guide them back to work.

Don’t be tempted to waste your time by focusing on such people’s suggestions. Sell your product, sell your opportunity and don’t worry about critics who haven’t earned the right to divert your focus.

More often than not, such criticism is unfounded. When prospects or new distributors are attempting to defend, rationalize and justify their motives for inactivity or failure, they will always point the finger at anything or anyone other than themselves.

Coach them through it, act as a role model and carry on like any great leader would… don’t argue, merely demonstrate what’s possible with network marketing.

“ I prosper dramatically by ignoring those who criticize my opportunity or product.”

Triple Your Income With Network Marketing

“Risk is inherent in any action. The key to an effective economy is confidence.” – Alan Greenspan

Today I listened to Mr. Greenspan lecture a congressional finance committee about what is needed to sustain growth in an economic downturn. Instead of cutting interest rates or implementing some complicated formula for strategic change, he stated the obvious.

When people are willing to ignore risk and confidently move forward in spite of fears, great things happen. Yet, in our mlm industry, most individuals move cautiously and approach tiny numbers of prospects without passion or confidence.

If Alan Greenspan, the genius of US economics, believes that confidence and the willingness to take risk will allow the entire economy to prosper, he’s absolutely right. But imagine how dramatically our economy could prosper if all working people were given the ability to triple their income every month.

In MLM, that’s the rule and not the exception. Armed with nothing more than the courage to face call reluctance and a bit of confidence, anyone in MLM can triple their income by tripling their efforts.

If you talk to three times as many prospects, you’ll earn three times more money. If you approach three times as many customers, you’ll sell three times more products. No one can stop you — in fact, no one can even slow you down.

Try this simple experiment. Be honest with yourself. Take the number of people you approached last month and increase that number three times next month. When you get your next network marketing check you’ll understand the power of personal confidence. If it’s good enough for the country, it’s good enough for you and me.

“ This week I triple my efforts and therefore my income.”

How to Find True MLM Success

“No one over learned anything while talking.” – Mark Yarnell

I’m amazed at the number of calls I get from individuals who claim they want to be coached properly. Before I can provide them with any steps to success, many feel the need to launch into an in-depth description of all their failures and successes. I let them continue for five or ten minutes and then interrupt them by beginning to explain the systems that work. Usually I get less than a minute of dialogue in before they begin interrupting me with arguments about my ideas.

First, they make excuses about why they can’t call their warm market. Next, they challenge my shotgun recruiting or the wording in my cold market approach. Then they tell me why the Internet is the best lead generation system available.

On and on they go, ad nauseam. It’s easy for me to now understand what has allowed me to earn millions in MLM while most people jump from failure to failure. I simply called Richard Kall, asked him to mentor me, then shut up.

MLM Success in our industry often results from common sense. If someone in your upline is earning ten times as much as you, don’t waste their time with war stories about yourself.

Learn what they are doing and duplicate it. Either shut up, or keep talking and fail. Simple enough.

“ I am open and receptive to the coaching of my mentor.”

You are Your Own Key to Success in Network Marketing

“We can swallow anything and digest anything you throw at us, turn it into fertilizer and make it a growth experience.” – Bernie Siegel, MD

Sounds like a network marketing motto, doesn’t it?

Think about it. If you show tenacity and the ability to adapt to challenges and turn them into learning experiences, you can move forward with passion and enthusiasm.

No matter how many mentors you have, how many CDs you listen to, how many websites you visit or books you read about how to build your business, no one, other than YOU, can provide the energy to move forward. The energy you need comes from power and power comes from inspiration. What’s inspiring you to succeed in your business?

When you are sufficiently inspired, you’ll face all the challenges head on, change, grow, adapt and develop new abilities. You’ll do whatever it takes. I repeat, whatever it takes, to walk that extra mile.

Stay with it my friends. Develop your MLM passion and look for the growth experience in every challenge.

“ I convert every challenge into a stepping stone and move forward with passion and joy.”

Create Your Own MLM Strategy

“Any system works powerfully…if you do.” – Mark Yarnell

Nearly 2 decades of networking have taught me that no one has the best mlm strategy. I still hear about why certain systems are better than others and why duplication is so important. Nonsense, especially when it comes to marketing strategies.

I know dozens of people who are all building dynasties and no two are using the same, identical exposure strategy. Some use ads, some use warm lists and some are on the Internet. But, regardless of their differences, the winners are spending countless hours a day recruiting new distributors. They aren’t acting like minimum wage babysitters trying to drag others across the finish line.

Winners don’t get stuck in the process of managing people. Nor do they build organizations for others. The reason America has become a nation of victims is that so many people refuse to accept responsibility and so many others are willing to do everything for victims.

If you want to run ads – great! If you want to join a lead generation program – great! If you want to create a website that builds prospects – great! But I’d like to offer you a little advice. Until you’re earning more money than you can spend, work harder than you’ve ever worked in your life to personally sponsor and train new distributors. Go wide fast!

And above all else, don’t ever let yourself become the lingering shadow of a formerly great networker by sitting around treading water, worrying about how to preserve a shrinking check. The fun of MLM business opportunities is the passion of the build – the excitement of the possibilities that lie ahead – the great feeling of exhaustion and voice loss at the end of ten hours of recruiting and doing three-way calls.

Any system will work if you passionately approach a dozen or more new prospects each day with the greatest opportunity in free enterprise. And if you don’t believe that describes your company – no system will work powerfully!

“This week I am emotionally invested and 100% committed again to the greatest opportunity in free enterprise… my own.”

Finding a Passion in MLM

“Passion is more volatile than fossil fuels.” – Mark Yarnell

I had dozens of calls when an industry magazine printed a cover story profiling successful people who recently joined old MLM companies. Many wondered if the value of “ground floor” is a myth like the magazine blatantly asserted. People are confused about how anyone can join a 20-year-old company and still make money and carry MLM success. Well, it’s true, you can, but ground floor that has been around for a couple of years and is headed towards momentum can be even more lucrative.

Unfortunately in their article and leader profiles they failed to emphasize the fact that those who manage to succeed in a any company are in possession of a secret weapon not owned by the masses. It’s called passion. Armed with passion about any product or company, an average person can make millions with MLM businesses opportunities when in a great company. Conversely, get in on the ground floor of a future dynasty and unless you are passionate you’ll likely quit or fail. Passion is the great equalizer especially if you insist on joining an older company.

If you aren’t earning at least $10,000 a month in MLM once you’ve been seriously involved for 18 months, you’re not passionate. If you don’t wake up excited every day because you know you are going to get your product into people’s hands and dramatically change their lives, you aren’t passionate. And if you aren’t passionate – get involved in something that makes you leap out of bed each morning, shouting, “Thank You God For This Opportunity!”
When selling magazine subscriptions the goal is often to profile big, old companies with millions of distributors who will buy reprints of the article. That’s called capitalism.

But beyond the self-serving nature of appealing to huge date bases, I believe the magazine was right. You can even make money in a 30-year-old deal, armed with one attribute – passion! The leaders profiled in last month’s magazine could sell rabbit poop.

“I am passionate about my opportunity and I spring forth this week with mighty enthusiasm.”