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Until you truly know what’s going on in the world, you may not have sufficient motivation to earn $300,000 a month. The target of our Holy Grail has always been those decent folks who are willing to shoot for the stars, and then use their excess capital to achieve dreams bigger than themselves.

Unfortunately, 95% of people in North America do not read one book a year. This, 95% of all people are not well read.

I’m on my knees begging you to read one book immediately. Please, please, please purchase The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein and read it carefully. Please, please, please send this book title to everyone you know. This book can and will change the world if everyone will just read it.

Once everyone understand what’s going on, we can take action.

Believe me when I way say that this book by Naomi Klein, London School of Economics, is brilliant and informative. She’s a genius with zero ties to politics or any special interests and her facts cannot be ignored.

Trust me on this one folks. Get the book and get this information to every person you know. This is so much bigger than Network Marketing, but we have a wonderful group of entrepreneurs who are well connected to each other. We can make a difference by starting a movement of informed, decent adults. The New York Times calls Shock Doctrine, “A Movement Bible.”

Please purchase this book today. I believe our industry is the last bastion of free enterprise and it’s time for everyone to get to the big money so we can make the changes necessary to our survival.

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