What Inspires You?

Recently, I was inspired by an act of true kindness. I wanted to pass on that inspiration and submitted this article which was published, in our newspaper, The Daily Courier.


Recently, I witnessed a random act of extreme kindness and I’m thankful to have been present.

At the busy intersection of Harvey and Richter, the light changed and an elderly person slowly rolled onto the highway. For some reason, the wheelchair malfunctioned and the person was trapped on Hwy 97.

A petite young woman jumped from her SUV and raced across several lanes, grabbed the back of the wheelchair, and struggled to push the person to safety all the way across Harvey. She then ran back to her own vehicle just in time for the light to change and drove off anonymously as many of us sat and marveled at her decisiveness and bravery.

In my 58 years, I’ve witnessed many acts of kindness for which the activity itself was reward enough to the unselfish participant. But written across the young woman’s SUV was the word, “Mermaids” so I felt compelled to acknowledge her decency, although I have no idea who the Mermaids are.

But about one thing I am certain. On that Saturday, on a busy street in Kelowna, one Mermaid became an angel.

By Mark Yarnell

Inspiration comes from many sources when we’re tuned in.

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