Trust in Network Marketing

If you really want to know why MLM has become so filled with money games and goofy scams, I have the books for you.

The first one was written by the editor of “Machinist”, the daily technology newsblog at, F. Manjoo. The book is called True Enough and Mr. Manjoo is a dynamic, young technology expert who explains in simple English what guys like me have been trying to say to the world for years.

When I say or write these facts, some people dismiss my comments. When a technology genius like the contributing editor at says or writes this stuff…you need to pay attention because his wisdom will help you avoid the money-game scams and prepare you to earn those huge checks you’ve always desired.

The problem is lack of trust and the biggest challenge is now the process of picking an ethical company. Now that pseudo-MLM leaders are changing organizations like jumping beans and bad mouthing their former companies, who can you trust?

Now that some company owners are taking away checks, lowering payouts, adding bogus products with questionable science behind them, creating silly front-end load sign-ups, inventing training that doesn’t work, allowing people to lie about their checks or change downlines and all the while hiding behind the mask of Christian values, how can people ever hope to join a long-term, ethical company?

Well, first, we must understand why trust is so important in human ventures and then we must be willing to never compromise our principles. A good start is Monjoo’s book, True Enough.

Here’s one quote from his book that will make sense to you:

“Society works better when people trust one another. The US was once among the most trusting countries in the world. In 1960, nearly 60% of Americans said they trust most people. By the early 70’s, it had dropped to below 50% and by 1990 it was just below 40%.

In 2006, only 32% of Americans surveyed said that they trusted most people. Modern communications technology has shifted our understanding of the truth and completely altered our grasp of ethical reality.”

Folks, trust this book recommendation and stay tuned to these blogs because in the coming weeks, I’ll arm you with some additional materials that will help you sort the scams from the real companies. In order to succeed in MLM, you need to know who you can trust, how you can find them, what questions to ask and how to avoid unethical companies and pseudo leaders.

After 23 years in this industry, both as a builder in 2 companies and author of numerous books and articles, I’m still persuaded that MLM is the last bastion of capitalism in a world of dramatic change.

But due diligence is more important than ever to those who truly need to create a good life for their families. Some future blogs will be dedicated to helping ethical Networkers and their prospects navigate though the expanding vortex of entrepreneurial leaders —many of whom are just plain untrustworthy.

My life as an industry leader has become a series of phone calls from people who feel confused and betrayed. They wonder why so many of us earned such huge checks when there were only a dozen companies. They wonder if our industry has grown too saturated now that there are thousands of companies. Some have squandered thousands of dollars in sign-ups and systems and strategies that never worked and they wonder why they’ve failed in our industry after succeeding in others.

Simply put, people wonder what’s going on. I’m going to tell you. I will argue that Network Marketing has always been based on trust and word of mouth distribution. Trust is the essence of MLM. As that trust has eroded, our industry has suffered. The question is this…can we recover and once again grow and prosper as an industry?

You bet we can and if I didn’t believe that, I wouldn’t waste my time writing these blogs. When I recommend a book, I suggest you read it. When I present a concept, please think about it. When I warn you about a delusional strategy…avoid it.

Or, keep right on doing what you’ve been doing and keep right on earning what you’ve been earning. How has that been working for you so far?

Anyhoo, I’m going trout fishing and the next blog will appear in a couple of days.

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