Triple Your Income With Network Marketing

“Risk is inherent in any action. The key to an effective economy is confidence.” – Alan Greenspan

Today I listened to Mr. Greenspan lecture a congressional finance committee about what is needed to sustain growth in an economic downturn. Instead of cutting interest rates or implementing some complicated formula for strategic change, he stated the obvious.

When people are willing to ignore risk and confidently move forward in spite of fears, great things happen. Yet, in our mlm industry, most individuals move cautiously and approach tiny numbers of prospects without passion or confidence.

If Alan Greenspan, the genius of US economics, believes that confidence and the willingness to take risk will allow the entire economy to prosper, he’s absolutely right. But imagine how dramatically our economy could prosper if all working people were given the ability to triple their income every month.

In MLM, that’s the rule and not the exception. Armed with nothing more than the courage to face call reluctance and a bit of confidence, anyone in MLM can triple their income by tripling their efforts.

If you talk to three times as many prospects, you’ll earn three times more money. If you approach three times as many customers, you’ll sell three times more products. No one can stop you — in fact, no one can even slow you down.

Try this simple experiment. Be honest with yourself. Take the number of people you approached last month and increase that number three times next month. When you get your next network marketing check you’ll understand the power of personal confidence. If it’s good enough for the country, it’s good enough for you and me.

“ This week I triple my efforts and therefore my income.”

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