Tricks of the Network Marketing Trade – ARF

Over the next year I’m going to introduce you to some “tricks” that we Networking veterans have used for years. Many have been forgotten and most will amaze you.

That’s what tricks do – they amaze those who have no idea how they’re performed, but they’re quite simple to execute with a little practice. Each trick is designed to keep attrition rate at a minimum. Nobody wants to lose customers or distributors, yet when I perform these tricks at a Network Marketing convention, Networkers are amazed. Often they laugh uproariously and give me a standing ovation because the tricks are so compelling and dramatic.

Sometimes new distributors ask me why everyone doesn’t know these tricks. I think part of the problem is cultural amnesia. As humans progress, they forget what they did a week ago. You probably can’t say for sure what you had for lunch last Tuesday. But in the last ten years we’ve progressed so rapidly that most of us are now living in a culture of 21st century technology with a 20th century brain.

There’s an added cultural lag in which the speed and intensity of technological change has overwhelmed human perception and historical reflection. People caught up in technology have forgotten many of the tricks and tools which work in Network Marketing because they’ve lost sight of the primary purpose of our profession.

We are in the “word of mouth” advertising business – nothing else. The fact that we can now reach vast numbers of people technologically or that we can reach them twice as fast, in no way changes the core objectives of our profession.

The tricks I will share with you in many upcoming blogs are valuable if you want to lower attrition and earn ten times more money. Unfortunately as seasoned Networkers have retired, many of their tricks have retired with them. So pay close attention because these tricks will amaze you and they work.

Today’s trick is called…ARF. Those are perfect letters because this trick will cause pseudo-experts to sit up and bark. Nothing will cost you more customers or distributors than uninformed outsiders with biased opinions and no concept of your product or opportunity. They can ruin your people’s attitudes and cause them to fail if you don’t prepare them.

While there are many variations of ARF (Accountability Release Form), I’ll give you one example. I got so fed up with medical professionals telling my customers that they didn’t need my products that I developed a simple form that I sent to every new customer. It included the following cover letter and instructions:

Dear Betty,

Congratulations. You’ll love the benefits of our products. I’m pleased to put in writing my belief that they will truly help you.

Because many people have not reviewed our technology, some who don’t understand it may suggest that you don’t need the products. In order to protect you against uneducated opinions, please make sure that any medical practitioner who offers an opinion, signs the Accountability Release Form I’ve enclosed. If they decline, it’s because they are unsure of their recommendation.

Enjoy the products!


Mark Yarnell



As a medical professional I have reviewed the research concerning the product _____________ and recommend that _________________ (Person’s Name) not take it.

I accept accountability and full legal responsibility for my recommendation.

Witness _________________ Signed ____________________ Date _______________
I say, if doctors are going to shoot off their mouths, make them put it in writing!

This is a wonderful tool and if you let your imagination run, you’ll think of many additional applications. For example, I had an ARF for distributors who were approached by competitors trying to cause them to switch companies. The ARF forced competitors from other Network Marketing companies to put in writing that if my distributor switched companies, their new sponsor would accept full responsibility for the financial outcome of that defection.

It was amazing how no doctor or recruiters from other companies were willing to put in writing what they were so freely willing to assert verbally.

The ARF process is a very simple tool that may save you hundreds or even thousands of customers and distributors over the years.

And if you like this one, you’ll love BOOF! You’ll learn about BOOF in a soon to be released blog.

Happy Networking!


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