To Win…Or to Spin? That is the Question

One of the things I’ve noticed about aging is that the process itself tends to accelerate one’s credibility. I get more and more questions from middle-aged people all the time who must have concluded that I’m older, therefore I must be wiser. But what I’ve just begun to notice is that the questions are becoming more philosophical in nature. Some are actually quite provocative. One in particular seems to surface more often than others. People in MLM want to know if ours is truly the same industry today as it was decades ago when I began. Some people want to know if our world has really changed to the extent that the possibility of huge monthly checks has be diminished. So, I’d like to share my honest perspectives on the matter.

Yes, the world has changed dramatically. A few years back, effectiveness in all fields was defined by measurable results. Today, effectiveness is defined by creative spin, and most of that spin is generated by individuals who benefit directly from the absence of measurable results. Please take a moment and re-read those last two sentences. The person who now occupies the White House never served heroically in the military yet he defeated a war hero for president who had spent years as a P.O.W. and could have easily served as a much more brilliant commander and chief when the U.S. needs one most. How did that happen? McCain simply lacked the resources to compete with Bush’s creative spin. Had measurable leadership defined the last two Presidential elections, Bush would have finished a dismal last. But, remember, effectiveness is no longer defined by measurable results like it used to be.

Let’s shift our focus to Networking. When $300,000 a month was considered a significant benchmark for success many of us shot for that measurable result and were greatly respected when we hit or exceeded the target. Some achieved much higher incomes. When people argued with those numbers, out came the check copies and our critics were immediately silenced. Then, two things occurred. First, the regulators began prohibiting us from telling the truth about huge MLM checks. Second, the technology emerged which allowed anyone to spin a resume of fabricated competence. Suddenly, men and women who had earned a few thousand bucks a month could slap up a pretty web site or hire a ghost writer to complete a book and start coaching the masses. Since the regulators no longer allowed anyone to prove measurable results by showing honest check copies, MLM became the Wild/Wild West of capitalism. People could actually spin any income amount they wished, then avoid verification by simply pointing out that they couldn’t show check copies. I once had a friend who was pretending to be an expert ask me to loan him the money for a plane ticket to Hawaii where he was teaching a course on how to become an MLM millionaire. I loaned him the cash and he’s still never paid me back.

A handful of ghost writers then emerged which allowed functional illiterates to become seemingly credible authors. In fact, the whole spin thing got so crazy fifteen years ago that even the ghost writers began to profit from their MLM celebrity. Suddenly, all the big money leaders were censored and the resulting void of censored incomes tied to measurable results was filled with creative spin and self-promotion. That brings me to the point of this Blog. The potential for huge monthly checks is greater today than it was back in the ‘70’s or ‘80’s. But most of the tools being promoted were used to propel one-shot wonders to $30,000 a month not major players to $300,000 a month.

Have there been changes? You Bet! Have those changes diminished our opportunity? Absolutely not. Can we still make the big, big money in spite of the huge number of companies out there and the vast array of products and comp plans? Without a doubt. In fact, we can earn much more in today’s economic climate but we have to accept two facts. One, big money is about retailing and recruiting. Two, big money is about retailing and recruiting. When we got started in MLM there were no prospecting lists for sale, cell phones, computers, back office tracking systems, auto responders, blackberries or MLM trainers and coaches. There were no ghost writers or bestselling MLM “how-to” books. There were no MLM magazines or newsletters and no free telephone conference calls. In fact, there were no fax machines, CD’s or video players. Simply put, there were no magic formulas and no magic trainers. We recruited and we retailed our way to the top. Period. End of the story.

Now for the really great news. I have Network Marketing friends involved in our Holy Grail who are earning much more than I ever earned and several have done it in just the last couple of years. They live in several countries and I get calls from them every month. They are retailing and recruiting their way to millions just like we did. They sign up new distributors, get them to purchase the Holy Grail, then run right back out and sign up more new distributors. Some things never change. Winners work…teachers talk. The whole purpose of The Holy Grail is to give you the tools that have allowed so many winners to win. Unless you are currently earning over three million dollars a year, The Holy Grail will fill the gap between the way you are doing Networking and the better ways of doing Networking that have already been developed. All true success is ultimately defined by measurable results, not spin. August is traditionally the slowest of all months in the field of MLM yet we had more people purchase The Holy Grail than any other previous month. Why? Because checks are rising and winners are recruiting. Thanks for recommending The Holy Grail to your people and thanks for reading my Blog. Now get out there and find some new prospects. I’ve wasted enough of your precious time for one day.

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