The Very Basis of Network Marketing Failure


“The most daunting barrier for most people is often not the risk or danger in itself. It is what the risk will involve. That’s effort and a mind that is firing on all its neurons. Accepting risk requires a mind that is unclouded by fears about the way the world works. It compels a person to leave his or her comfort zone, or create a new one. For many, this is asking too much.”
By Michael R. LeGault

Well put Mr. LeGault. And folks, if you haven’t read the book Think, get it and do so. I believe it should be required reading for all North Americans. What the author points out in that paragraph is the very basis for MLM failure. I call it the Management Trap. There is no risk in training. There’s no rejection among one’s distributors. It’s more comfortable to train and support distributors than recruit and retail. Yet many distributors go broke trying to become trainers.

Speaking, training and managing are amateur activities which pay nothing to independent MLM distributors. The challenge today is finding people who will focus on recruiting and retailing. That’s what Networkers are paid to do.

Think about this simple question: If 1,000 people in your downline trained one person today, how much would you earn from their training? Now, what if those same 1,000 people sold one big business kit to one new recruit today? How much would you earn? Duh!

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