The Spirit Bear

Dear Friends & Members of The Holy Grail of Network Marketing,

Last fall, as Valerie and I floated down a wilderness river in the forest near Bella Coola, B.C., we encountered a number of grizzly bears feeding on the spawning salmon. The male grizzly that Valerie captured in the photo below was more curious than aggressive. It inspired me to write a short poem about spirit. We felt that it would be nice to share it with our friends and members of The Holy Grail. Feel free to pass it on if you feel moved to do so.

Enjoy, Mark


The Spirit Bear

Beyond each green cathedral,
And shadowed human shrine,
A silent strength remains in wait,
A predator…sublime.

That courage born in every child,
To challenge and compete,
To taste the joy of victory,
And learn from each defeat…

Still lingers just beyond one’s sight,
More camouflaged each year,
As weeds of age grow taller,
Obscuring dreams once clear.

But lest you think the joy is gone,
From goals you once believed,
Until you take your final breath,
There’s much to be achieved.

For just beneath the surface,
In spite of aging’s toll,
There dwells the spirit bear of youth,
Your boundless human soul.

-Mark Yarnell

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