The Search For Legends : A Dead End Pursuit

I’m often asked to explain my opinion about recruiting MLM veterans. Because I’ve never gone after Network Marketing leaders, some people consider my attitude to be controversial and silly. After all, if a new person can just pull in a leader with a huge downline, it’s all over. That’s the reasoning and it seems sensible, but it’s flawed for several reasons.

First, past success may be due to luck and positioning, not competence. Second, MLM veterans often exhibit an arrogant sense of entitlement. Many won’t consider joining a new deal unless they get some kind of guaranteed up-front money. Third, veterans will seldom stoop to the depths of ethical sponsorship by signing up under an eager novice. They’ll never get caught underneath some “newbie.” Fourth, veterans who are truly great are loyal to their companies. You have virtually zero chance of recruiting winners.

Above all else remember this; there are three kinds of real MLM winners…those who earn huge monthly checks and wouldn’t consider walking away from that kind of money. Those “free agents” who’s companies go under, in which case they have plenty of connections and offers of their own. And those who have quit or are failing and you don’t’ want to recruit them anyway.

You’ll be tempted occasionally to purchase genealogy records from defunct companies or chase after MLM veterans. What you decide to do is all up to you. Personally, I’d rather recruit a broke homemaker with no experience than a veteran NFL star who has made millions in MLM. I’ve been in this industry for over two decades and I’ve never once been tempted to try to sponsor other MLM leaders. That’s because I’ve witnessed nightmares experienced by many companies and leaders who have made that mistake. Great people stay in one good company and are perfectly capable of picking a new opportunity in the event of problems. Mediocre leaders bounce around taking cash from unsuspecting corporate owners and distributors. When the front money runs dry, many veterans move to the next hand out.

We created Volume Two of the Holy Grail in order to help distributors avoid this problem. Once you’ve created a thirty thousand person, data-specific warm market, you’ll never again have to waste time competing for self-important free agents.

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