The New Key to MLM Success

“Capitalization” rather than “duplication” – Mark Yarnell

Last millennium, people believed that the key to MLM Success was duplication. I wrote about it myself in two books which are now obsolete. The real key to success in this new century is figuring out the assets of new distributors and then helping each person build a lucrative business by capitalizing on their strengths.

Some people have a huge card file full of thousands of former clients or customers, while other new distributors have been successful using direct mail marketing systems. A few folks are already skilled at using computer generated lead systems. Others are most comfortable approaching prospects with videos or CDs at public events. Some write great ads and belong to lead generation companies.

The point is this. A great leader will ask enough questions of a new distributor to determine that person’s unique talents for retailing, recruiting and coaching. I believe everyone should begin by contacting those in their warm market, but beyond that strategy, upline leaders need to help new people figure out a building system best suited to their own talents and personalities.

No one system is duplicable for every personality type. Extroverts and introverts are both capable of succeeding in our industry so long as their uplines assist them in taking advantage of their own unique gifts.

“ This week I am focused on helping each front line distributor capitalize on his or her unique assets in order that they might effectively go wide fast.”

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