The Gold Rush Is On

I never signed up as a therapist, but I’m constantly hearing from people with very real problems. They call because I’m one of the original survivors of the MLM Golden Years.

Back in the mid-eighties the rumor began to circulate that broke Missouri guys like me were cash flowing millions of dollars in the “formerly hated” pyramid industry. The gold rush was on, and just like all other gold rushes, everyone wanted to get rich fast. Fueled by rumors and promises of easy pickings, millions jumped on board in hopes of striking it rich.

Those of us who have studied the Canadian and U.S. gold rushes are amazed by the similarities between the MLM and precious metal rushes. Here’s what happens when the rumor of easy wealth circulates throughout the world.

First, people with the skill and work ethic to actually find gold make a discovery. They tell a few close friends or family members and the excitement begins when those people embellish the story and tell their own friends. The next thing you know, there are twenty locals with staked claims and big piles of money. That soon grows to a hundred and gold fever sets in. You know, kind of like an MLM company in its pre-launch or first couple of months. Everybody is hyped-up and excited. What happens next is eerily similar to all gold rushes. Many poor souls never find one nugget and it’s easy to understand why that happens.

First, many people who show up at the site are completely unskilled as miners. Most have none of the proper clothes or tools and have never even seen the territory they’re entering. During the Yukon gold rush, fully 1/3 of all the Europeans and Americans showed up with no pick, horse, mule, shovel, pan, overcoat, or boots. Thousands died walking up mountains in street shoes and windbreakers in -40 degree weather and 20 feet of snow. Others bought mules and winter coats in Dawson Creek, but neglected to take enough food and water for the trek. Mule and horse bones littered the mountains for years.

By the time the gold rush fever ended, less than ½ of 1% of all participants got rich. During the real gold rush, most towns grew overnight, and then went under. Those lucky enough to survive went home and told everyone the horror stories of the gold rush. Gold seekers went broke while many of the local saloon owners, prostitutes, clothing and shovel merchants made fortunes. Remember, in every gold rush there are unqualified people on the sidelines selling tools, maps, clothing and food. They’ll tell you what to wear, the route to take and sell you supplies they think you need even though they have never spent one year prospecting themselves. And as soon as the gold runs out in one area, they’re off to the next…selling the tools.

When I field calls from network marketers who are miserable or frustrated, it’s usually because they’ve never earned one good check. They think the gold just isn’t there any more. They think there are too many miners, and all the best claims are taken. They tell me I was lucky to be one of the original miners and some even ask me to tell them about the good old days of the MLM gold rush. So here’s the truth.

My geology friends up here in B.C. tell me that there’s a thousand times more gold than was ever discovered during the good old mining days. Two summers ago, a kindergarten girl on a gold panning demo back behind her school found a nugget worth over $300,000.

Last winter a couple of skiers from Oregon scratched one of their skis on a rock, saw gold sticking up, filed a claim, and sold it for over three million dollars to a mining company less than a year later. There’s still gold everywhere, but most people don’t luck into it.

And there are still people getting rich in MLM because there’s more potential today than ever before, but most people don’t just luck into it. And there are dozens of incompetent merchants sitting on the sidelines getting rich by selling maps and tools, some of which are non-existent. That’s why they’re called virtual.

The gold era of MLM is here now. But I’m noticing that it’s the old miners with a sincere work ethic who are getting to $300,000 a month, while people who don’t know any better are squandering money on fake maps and bogus prospecting tools that lead nowhere.

Listen carefully folks, you can get rich in MLM, but the gold is in prospecting and not in surfing. There are not now and there never were any shortcuts. You need the right knowledge, tools, attitude and strategies if you’re going to “luck” into the gold.

You’ll notice that our Holy Grail training emphasizes proven strategies that have created riches and the truth about hard work. We don’t sell shortcuts or secret maps because there aren’t any.

If you’re willing to invest in the first four volumes and go to work, we can help you. But should you decide to digitally slog through 20 feet of snow in street shoes following the treasure maps of people who have never found one nugget, but have plenty of advice, please don’t call for therapy when your frost-bitten toes fall off and your family disappears.

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