The 5% Solution

Imagine a world dominated by Networkers. What if the 5% of all North Americans in Network Marketing began working to their full potential?

Just for a moment…imagine that brave new world. Pharmaceutical companies would suddenly be forced to conduct meaningful research into legitimate vaccines and new antibiotics because vitamins and supplements would eliminate the need for many symptom-treating bogus drugs that cure nothing. Were the masses exposed to legitimate preventions and educators no longer paid bounties to put elementary school students on Ritalin, many big-pharma profits would dry up.

Lobbyists would have to leave Washington and find real work which would free the government up to focus on legitimate social challenges like health care and balancing the budget…you know, kind of like all the E.U. countries did years ago.

Children would be able to spend more time with their parents, given the elimination of multiple jobs and the resultant time freedom. Most products and services would be far superior to the stuff being sold through traditional retail outlets. Gas consumption would drop precipitously with a decrease in rush hour drives. Of course that change would impact global warming.

None of us would face the middle class nightmares of outsourcing or downsizing because the distribution industry is immune to both. Prisons would gradually decrease in inmate populations as more and more common people no longer had to rob stores in order to support their addictions. Most would have enough money for treatment or to support their habits without being forced into illegal behaviors. Frivolous lawsuits would decline gradually as people became aware of how much faster and easier they could achieve wealth through productivity rather than tort theft.

Obesity would begin an immediate decline as would diabetes when more families had the financial ability to replace fast-food diets with more expensive and nutritious meals. Additionally more families would have time to eat at home together which creates another myriad of positive social outcomes. Automobile deaths would diminish rapidly as fewer people felt the obsessive need to drive and talk on their cell phones simultaneously. In fact, the need for virtual connections would diminish as people achieved the time freedom and ability to forge real face-to-face relationships.

Terrorism would slow down and charities would prosper simply because most Networkers are intelligent and caring and politics would gradually be forced to mirror these attitudes. To be certain, radical change would occur gradually and North America would be returned to an earlier era of entrepreneurial spirit, critical thinking and golden-rule business.

Sometimes when I share those honest opinions with non-networkers, I’m considered at best, biased and at worst, delusional. But people in our industry just smile and agree. That’s because people in our industry know I’m right and folks outside our industry don’t have a clue about the dynamics of a business in which the primary objective is “people helping people.” Before I joined our industry, my life was a nightmare. For the last 21 years it’s been a dream-come-true. And not only did my life change for the better but my prosperity and time freedom directly impacted the lives of a dozen others. That’s why I can say with certainty that if the 5% of us who currently participate in Networking were to achieve the kind of wealth I did, at least 50% of North America would benefit. That’s why we created The Holy Grail of Network Marketing for all our associates in this marvelous industry.

And one final thought… if you can come up with a better way to return North America to its former grandeur, by all means, express it. Because history tends to repeat itself and at this precise moment in history we are in the identical state of affairs of Rome, Great Britain, Greece, and The Netherlands prior to their decline and fall as world military and economic powers. The growing gap between rich and poor, our huge international debt, our military overreach in obscure missions, the cultural and economic decay and decline in educational standards all preceded empire declines. That can’t be debated.

Of course my critics can debate my idea that Network Marketing could save North America, but so far none have been willing to do so in public. Maybe some day!

In the meantime, I will continue to help everyone who will listen. Remember, you are worth at least $100,000 a month and it’s time to go to work. Send this information to everyone you know. Those who have ears will hear.

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