‘Sup W’ Dat? – Part Three

EI (Epistemic Irrationality) Factor #2

Rational adults will generally fall into one of two categories when exposed to an MLM opportunity…either they decide to join a company and sell products with no proof of efficacy beyond absurd testimonials or they refuse to join a company and sell products with stacks of scientific validation until they can themselves “try the product.”

I’ve enjoyed this industry for 25 years and every day it feels more and more like I’ve fallen down Alice’s rabbit hole where everything is backwards and Mad Hatters rule.

I’ve met doctors who join companies that sell magic wands and diet candy and blue collar workers who refuse to join companies selling remarkable technology with hundreds of double blind scientific studies that prove product efficacy. One example should put this in perspective.

I showed a very respected scientist a product line in a ground floor MLM company in mid 2011 with over 90 published articles in scientific journals. In spite of the fact that she needed the product and certainly needed the money, the doctor declined.

A couple of months later, she insisted that I meet her for breakfast so she could talk to me about something critical. I met with her and her husband and after few social niceties she pulled out a small silver wand that looked like a Cross pen and asked the waiter to bring us a lemon.

She told me that her magic wand from a new MLM company would turn the lemon “sweet.” It didn’t and I haven’t heard from her since. Perhaps she thought I would pretend that the lemon tasted sweet. It simply didn’t.

So, remember this. Either the product has been studied scientifically and the results published in legitimate journals or it hasn’t. If it hasn’t, don’t risk your honor and credibility on a handful of biased testimonials.

By age 30, people should be long past the age of believing in magic wands, diet candy or therapeutic foo foo powder from distant countries. But they aren’t. ‘Sup W’ Dat?

Stay tuned for Part Four…

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