‘Sup W’ Dat? Part Four

EI (Epistemic Irrationality) Factor #3

The ability to serve as a television talk show celebrity or play in the NBA does not qualify an individual to land a fighter jet on an aircraft carrier or build a large organization in MLM.

I don’t know what there is about MLM that causes rational adults to completely ignore the qualifications and experiences necessary to run a major corporation, but many people abandon all common sense when they decide to join a company.

Read this closely folks…tacit wisdom is not transferable. Either the owners of an MLM company have significant experience in the MLM profession or they don’t. Period. End of the story.

The fact that they are brilliant lawyers or quarterbacked a team that won the Super Bowl or perform as respected celebrities is of zero value when trying to manage an MLM company through hyper growth and international expansion.

Tacit wisdom is gained by significant repetitive execution of specific skills in a specific domain. Mediocre tennis pros can destroy world champion table tennis players on a tennis court.

We all understand that fact intellectually. So why do people join MLM organizations run by people whose successes have been in totally different fields of endeavor? I don’t know, but they do.

In the next blog, we’ll explore three more examples of Epistemic Irrationality.

Until then, may you only consider companies in which the leaders, products and owners have been fully researched. That’s a good start.

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