Stop the Insanity Now

It’s time to stop the insanity in MLM. That’s one of my objectives for this Blog. Here’s a classic example of how and why most people fail in our profession. Today, as I was finishing some writing, a call came from a guy in a very reputable company. He’d been involved for a year, but was struggling and because he had recently read one of my articles, he decided to track me down.

His very first question dealt with whether or not he should join an online forum. When I asked him what the site was about, he explained that it was a forum for future Network Marketing Millionaires where they could purchase “Primo” leads and share great recruiting strategies with each other. I asked him who recommended the online forum and he couldn’t remember. I asked him who owned the site and he didn’t know. I asked him where the leads came from and he wasn’t sure. I asked him who coached him to buy lead lists, and he said he had forgotten. I asked him if he had spoken with any people who were successfully using those leads, and he hadn’t. I then asked him how many people he had asked to join his business or buy his products the previous day and he said none. He had been too busy working a double shift at the shop.

So let’s recap this scenario. A part-time Networker who didn’t have time to sell or recruit was prepared to join a training forum, run by people without credentials in order to chat with people whom he didn’t know about subjects he didn’t understand and purchase leads from a source he couldn’t authenticate in order to prosper in a business he didn’t have time to work. How cool is that?

Unfortunately, that scenario is played out day after day, year after year by hundreds of thousands of people who literally haven’t got a prayer of achieving MLM success. And worse, it’s being encouraged by people who have a self-interest in profiting from gullible newbie’s by promising simple paths to riches which do not exit and selling one-size-fits-all canned approaches, intellectual junk food and lead lists of dubious origin.

I may not win new friends or influence people amoung the growing community of duplication peddlers, but if I can get a few folks back to work doing what’s effective, I will have achieved my objective. Twenty years ago when “Big Al” told me that duplication doesn’t work, I told him he was nuts. Wrong. He was a genius…still is.

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