Dear Fellow Networkers,

As promised in yesterday’s blog “A Warning to All Rational Networkers,” here is a sample letter to Presidential candidates regarding Codex. I am e-mailing mine today to McCain and Obama. I urge you to send your copy as well.

Let’s act now!

Cordially, Mark


Dear Senator ________________,

Re: What is Your Stand on Codex?

There are 12 million Presidential votes up for grabs among members of our direct sales distribution industry.

We distribute vitamins, herbs, minerals and nutritional supplements and we can be expected to vote for the candidate who takes a stand against the Codex Plan of the World Trade Organization which will destroy most of our industry, as we know it.

We’ve studied Codex and we fully understand the small print in its entirety.

Will you protect U.S. distributors and consumers of natural health products and supplements against Codex?

Will you state publicly that if elected President you will take specific steps to ensure that our right to use and sell natural health products, as created and upheld by the US Congress, cannot be superseded or overridden by the implementation of Codex or any other world trade organization?

We need to know your position. We are not conspiracy theorists who can be marginalized to the fringes of capitalism, nor can we be pacified by silence or semantic gymnastics.

We understand Codex and it’s time to learn your position.

Thank you for your attention to this urgent matter.

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