Rags To Riches in Network Marketing

If a college dropout from the back woods of Missouri with no special skills or previous experience in business can go from rags to riches in a short time span, so can you. Here’s my story.

On April 12, 1986, I received two telephone calls that would dramatically alter my life. The first was from Inter First Bank calling to inform me that they were repossessing my 1980 Chevrolet. I owed three months back payments and was unable to come up with any money. I’m not sure what they wanted with a six-year-old Chevy with two missing hubcaps and a cracked front windshield. But they were threatening to come take it. The second call was from a church board member who said he was coming over to show me, his minister, something unbelievable.

At that time in my life, I had absolutely no place to turn. My parents weren’t wealthy and couldn’t help me financially. The church was in financial distress because the Texas economy was pathetic at that time. Most of my top contributors had gone bankrupt or had declared chapter 11 and could not help me. I had neither a college diploma on which to fall back, nor sufficient experience in business to see myself through the crisis. So, when Bill came to my home and showed me a Network Marketing opportunity, I really couldn’t see any other alternative. I signed up and went to work after borrowing $5,000 from a wealthy church member.

By tracking upline several levels until I found myself a great mentor and working harder than I have ever worked in my life, I earned a significant check just a few months into the business. Over a short period of time I went from rags to riches, ultimately earning over 20 million dollars in Network Marketing and releasing the bestseller, Your First Year In Network Marketing.

Over the past 21 years I’ve dedicated my life to Network Marketing, having built a significant organization in 21 countries. Over the years, I’ve interviewed and learned a lot from many of the most successful Networkers. My goal is to spent the next few years sharing that knowledge with others so that they will prosper and enjoy the incredible freedom that our industry offers.

I’d like to make one thing about my Blog very clear. After writing dozens of published articles and several bestsellers, I have no ego need to share free information just to see myself in print. My readers get to vote about whether they consider my ideas relevant. As long as my readership grows, I will assume that people appreciate my concepts. When readers enjoy valuable information, they recommend it to others. That’s why Your First Year In Network Marketing continues to be a bestseller in several languages nearly a decade after I wrote it.

If you share my Blog address with others and the number of readers increases, I will continue to write it. You get to vote by telling other people. It’s that simple. If my readership does not grow regularly, it won’t hurt my feelings because I have plenty of other things to do with my time and energy.

A number of magazines have consistently published my articles, but even the most successful periodicals reach only a few hundred thousand people. I have been persuaded by technology experts to believe that millions can and will read my materials on-line, so let’s see.

Mark Yarnell

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