One Wealthy Character

Long-term wealth and success are more often a character issue than not. Most who find themselves broke today need only revisit their last ten years for the reasons. Compared with other industries MLM is merely in its infancy and our long-term reputation will ultimately rest with the character of today’s recognized leaders. The same is true of each individual’s lifetime destiny.

Those who would ultimately succeed and become recognized leaders and productive citizens must always focus on the assets of others including their competitors. Our industry depends on it. If we yield to the temptation to denigrate others our destiny is mediocrity. While it may seem innocent to form our wagon trains in a circle and fire inward, we are merely shooting ourselves in the process.

Let’s all bond together in a committed effort to uplift our friends and associates in this marvelous industry. Let’s understand that professionals in every branch of free enterprise are proud of what they do. Lawyers, doctors, teachers and accountants don’t waste time bad mouthing their own industries nor do they harass their peers and associates…that is, those with character don’t. Ultimate destiny, yours and mine, will definitely reflect our character traits. Every one of us is out there doing the best he can to make a decent living for his or her family. Everybody counts. Everybody deserves encouragement and kindness.

As I reflect back on those successful winners in our industry, people like Big Al and Richard Brooke, I am struck by one common trait that all possess. In all my years of knowing those great and wealthy leaders I’ve never once heard them say one negative thing about an associate or competitor. After all these years it’s still impossible to refute the golden rule.

Permit me to give you a simple success secret that never fails. Apply it each time you feel tempted to engage in hurtful or critical dialogue:

“If you wouldn’t write it and sign it, don’t say it.”

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