Not For Sale At Any Price

People contact me for a lot of different reasons but none of them ever seem to include the problem of too much money. Generally by the time someone tracks me down it’s because they are finally desperate enough to try professional Networking. Most of them are working extremely hard but they aren’t getting paid. Worse, they keep repeating stupid systems and hoping that they will hit the jackpot. For years I’ve tried to understand why people just naturally assume that they can be successful in our profession even if they’ve never succeeded in any other one. Doctors, lawyers, accountants, celebrities and experts from numerous fields usually don’t abandon their professions because they are plagued by insurmountable wealth and free time. They usually see Networking as a high speed-low investment method of solving a financial crisis or they realize that their kids are growing up and they haven’t had time to enjoy the process.

Folks usually don’t ask me how much they can earn in our industry but rather how fast they can earn it. There seems to be this unwritten rule of Networking that says “anyone can get rich in this industry and if you don’t believe that, look around at all the uneducated losers who are living in luxury because of MLM!” In a way it’s like the lotto mentality that causes everyone to believe in nearly impossible odds. Once a month the media introduces us to a group of toothless illiterates who are about to pick up their checks for 28 million dollars because they bought the winning ticket. Of course that reinforces the idea that anyone can win the lottery. In fact, that’s what the P.R. firms hired to sell lotto want everyone to believe. And frankly, it’s true. Anyone can purchase a winning ticket.

But let’s get one thing straight. People who win at MLM are among the most skilled professionals in all of capitalism. They aren’t losers who lucked into winning numbers, they are winners who picked legitimate companies and remained loyal long enough to succeed. Sure, many of them were blue collar workers and unskilled, undereducated individuals but none were losers. In fact I’ve interviewed over 200 successful, big money Networkers and I discovered one thing they all had in common. Mentorability. That is, they were all willing to be mentored by someone who had already made the big money. And that brings me to the question I want to pose in this blog. Who is your mentor and is he or she earning over $300,000 a month?

The Holy Grail was designed to provide you with mentoring from dozens of great leaders at an affordable cost. For about the price of one bottled water a day, assuming you buy all four volumes each year, you can now learn exactly which systems propelled dozens of men and women to radical wealth. In fact, our strategies are so powerful that two company owners have actually attempted to take these books and CD’s off the market by offering us huge economic incentives. One guy two weeks ago asked us how many of his 200,000 distributors would have to buy our volumes to make it profitable enough to us to limit it’s sale to their company only. He called it a “close out.” My wife and I were offered a huge fee and position at the top of their pay plan to end all sales of The Holy Grail to any company but their own. I politely declined, but his offer made me realize the value of our project. Exclusivity of The Holy Grail is not for sale at any price.

Everyone deserves the right to prosper in Network Marketing regardless of the company they choose. And fortunately, we intend to make this stuff available to everyone without yielding to the temptation to sell out and create another big pile of money. The reason this information has been jealously guarded for dozens of years is because so many leaders wanted to limit their mentoring to only those downline folks who benefited them. It’s the same crappy philosophy that in traditional capitalism causes major corporations to purchase competitive companies and products with lucrative payoffs thereby destroying their competition. Most of the best products ever invented have never made it to consumers. The main reason big pharmaceutical companies are pushing for CODEX in an attempt to eliminate or control the entire supplement industry, is so they can continue the hugely profitable activity of treating symptoms by blocking the public’s ability to prevent illness. If they can’t patent Vitamin C, the next best thing is for big pharma to take it off the market in dosage levels that are effective. That’s the sole purpose of CODEX. Block prevention and the masses will have no choice but to get sick and buy pills to treat the illness. If you think I’m nuts, google CODEX.

At The Holy Grail, our commitment is to give you the tools you need to prosper, not line our own pockets by “closing out” our information. So long as people continue to use and recommend our program we will continue to release all 16 volumes. We consider everyone in Network Marketing a Ferrari looking for a can of gas…and we’ve got the gas. So, “Fill’er up!” And we’ll see you on the beaches of the world.

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