Network Marketing: The Product Knowledge Bomb

Some people believe that a thorough knowledge of their company’s products or services is essential to network marketing success. They learn every tiny detail they can and, of course, teach their own team to do the same.

There’s nothing wrong with that philosophy on the face of it, but there is a problem lurking below the surface. If someone who wishes to make a lot of money is recruited into a product-oriented organization, she will either fail or have to be strong enough to break away from the Upline immediately.

Money is not the only adult report card. Some people enter our industry to be trainers and others want to be coaches and ministers or counselors. I’ve met many men and women over the years who were perfectly content to form a small mastermind group of people who love the company products and need a small social bonding experience each week. As far as I’m concerned, Network Marketing provides the perfect vehicle for such people. They get to socialize with like-minded individuals and share personal stories and anecdotes about their valued company and products.

But what happens when people who are motivated by big checks find themselves recruited into such a group? They become frustrated and either quit or rebel. It’s not only problematic to the mastermind group, but it’s very unfortunate for the new recruit who may desperately need to learn how to recruit a large organization and earn huge checks.

This land mine is paradoxical because it comes disguised as a formula for success. To the person who enters Network Marketing as a product or service
user, one who has experienced positive results, or the person who enters the group without any desire for big checks, the whole concept of small weekly meetings may be very important.

For our purposes, we’re committed to assisting those who value big checks. Such people should not waste their time learning intricate product knowledge. Your goal should be to lead with the MLM business opportunity and avoid irrelevant minutiae.

You don’t need to know how the polysaccharides are fractioned to penetrate the surface of the cellular membrane and force electrolyte absorption in each
topical or sublingual administration of your juice. You just need to know that the juice works and many people are earning huge incomes by joining your
company. You don’t need to become a CPA in order to teach people financial skills. You just need to talk about the income potential.

I once decided to become a product expert in my own company. The only problem was that medical doctors seemed baffled by my lectures and I went ninety days without recruiting one good business builder. I did manage to recruit one professor who proceeded to drive me nuts for two years with irrelevant discussions about DNA and quantum physics. He never recruited
one person, but he sure understood our products and taught me a great deal about how they were made.Look, here’s the bottom line. Of course the products and services in Network Marketing are generally far superior to similar stuff. They have to be in order for people to join our industry and then recommend them to others, especially family and friends.

But many people join our industry for the purpose of achieving wealth and time freedom. Those people cannot afford to waste their time learning the technical data necessary to become product experts because huge checks result from recruiting and retailing, not from complex knowledge. That’s not because of anything immoral or unethical and that doesn’t make a big-time recruiter a participant in some pyramid scheme or illegal sales scam. The more people we recruit the more customers we reach. That’s because in a legitimate Network Marketing opportunity, the larger the sales force, the more products and services wind up in the homes of end consumers.

New Distributors need to understand that the more time they spend in product knowledge sessions, the less time they spend recruiting new Distributors. The
less time they spend recruiting, the smaller their group will remain. And smaller groups distribute fewer services and products to end users which means smaller checks to all Distributors.

If the goal is large monthly checks, recruit more people. If the goal is socialization and nurturing, by all means study the products to your heart’s content and schedule regular weekly sessions. Just make certain to introduce your people to the Holy Grail so those who are interested in earning big checks have the tools to do so.

Whether you joined your company because you experienced a life changing transformation by using the products, or you simply need to achieve a greater
income, your products will still be sold to folks who desperately need them. Regardless of your motives, business builders help the most people. So avoid the Product Knowledge Bomb because it will diminish your impact and income.


If you want to be a teacher, learn all you can.
If you want to be an entrepreneur, do all you can.

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One Response to Network Marketing: The Product Knowledge Bomb

  1. Aron Terrell says:

    I’m SO thankful that no one gave me the product knowledge bomb…I probably never would have joined the company! I’m so thankful I did though. The Residual Income is life-changing. Love it!!!!