Network Marketing: The Exit Strategy Bomb

New Networkers are perplexed by this land mine because it is so irrational and unexpected. But if you’re prepared for it and if your people are educated before they step on it, they won’t waste valuable time trying to diffuse it.

This bomb is not particularly devastating to a new Networker’s career, but it can cause a considerable time drain. The Exit Strategy Bomb is also called the Dabble Bomb and it refers to the prospect who desperately needs to make money, and may even be on the verge of personal bankruptcy. While it’s obvious that Network Marketing offers his or her best escape from a horrible financial plight, the Exit Strategy Distributor will build in a formula for failure and create advanced excuses for never succeeding. I’m not referring here to those who choose to start part time, most of us did. I’m talking about the person who sets up an exit strategy when he first begins even though he needs the business desperately. Here’s how it works.

An unemployed Distributor acts very excited about the network marketing opportunity, buys a kit and listens intently to your training information. He acts very enthusiastic and may even compile an extensive list of contacts, but will announce very early on that he’s still looking for a salaried job in order to finance his new business and pay his bills. Full time job seekers never seem to get around to building their networking business. Never mind the fact that he’s unemployed, broke and upset about his life. Never mind the fact that you’ve provided him with the only legitimate way to create dramatic wealth without any huge risk or investment capital. He informs you that, in spite of all that, his time is tight and he’s going to seriously build as soon as his upcoming full time job is in order.

Why does he do this? Because in his heart-of-hearts, he believes he might fail, so he’s launching his career with a perfect exit strategy…delayed or half-effort. Should he then fail, he can point out to his spouse and friends that he just “dabbled” in this industry and therefore failed by not really trying.

Without an understanding of this land mine, new Distributors will tend to waste time trying to inspire and motivate such Distributors. Forget it. People who study the Holy Grail are elated to discover that done properly, full time is two hours a day!
Many dabble in our industry and fail by not really trying. Don’t waste your time with those who present an exit strategy from the get-go.

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