Network Marketing: The Dump Bomb

Human beings are social animals and as such we love to communicate with others. In fact, great sales trainers have always cautioned people to never over-sell. Some new sales people will sabotage themselves by continuing to talk long after the close.

In Network Marketing, the Dump Bomb usually manifests itself in the first two steps – Expose and Present. Poor Networkers often do a “data dump” of information on a prospect during the exposure step. The purpose of the exposure step is to expose them to exciting information without disclosing unnecessary facts which will deter further investigation.

Do not reveal the name of the company, product, industry or any other details during your initial mlm approach. If you do, many of your prospects will never
call you back because you’ve unwittingly set them up to do a self-presentation. If they can google your company, they will. In fact, they will do whatever they need to do to review all the facts they can find. But during the presentation step you need to be in control of the process so you can answer questions and deflect unwarranted objections stemming from prospect biases.

Many people use our free exposure tool so that prospects won’t initiate their own presentation until you’re there to facilitate it. If they find that intriguing, send them to your site. But don’t send them to your site first.

New Distributors need to be warned about the fact that the more information they dump on prospects in the exposure phase, the less chance that prospects will participate in a thorough presentation. They’ll prematurely decline.

They also need to be prepared for the fact that prospects will use very clever ways to get as much premature information as possible right up front.
Prospects may act very interested and frequently make leading comments like, “ That sounds exciting. What’s the name of your company?”Or, “This may be exactly what I’m looking for, tell me about your products!”

Some will act offended that a Distributor doesn’t trust them with more information at this point. I’ve heard comments like,“Look, I’m a very sharp business person looking for a great opportunity. If you can’t trust me with more information about your venture, I am just not interested. So, what’s the product?”Don’t fall for that trick.

New Distributors must be trained to watch for this land mine and avoid the temptation to dump information which should be released during the
presentation, rather than the exposure step. And there’s another very good reason for this strategy. Many prospects will attempt to control the entire recruiting process, just to see if the Distributor can be manipulated. They realize that if they can take control right up front, and force a Distributor to do it their way, that person is not a leader. They will never admit that, but prospects respect leaders who demand an orderly process rather than catering to their requests.

When prospects have been demanding and tried to take control of the process, I’ve stated forcefully, “I can’t work with you unless you follow my process of checking out a bit of information first to see if you’re intrigued. If what you hear interests you, we’ll take the next step. I’ll spend as much time with you as you want, giving you all the information you need to do your full due diligence.”Some became angry, but many respected my position.

We’re social animals who love to talk. But the time to really talk business is during the presentation, not the initial exposure.

If your people reveal the presentation info during the exposure step, they will talk themselves right out of success by stepping on The Dump Bomb.

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