Network Marketing Secret # 5: A Rich Networker’s Philosophy: Success Through Elevating Others.

The Five Secrets of Becoming a Rich Networker is a series of excerpts from Mark Yarnell’s Volume 1 of “The Holy Grail of Network Marketing Collection.” You will find more in-depth information about each secret at

While every business is shaped like a pyramid, there’s a huge difference between Fortune 500 pyramids and network pyramids. Here’s an interesting perspective: Every pyramid except Network Marketing requires people to enter the bottom where they spend countless years clawing their way to higher positions by any competitive means possible.

Traditional corporations are so threatened by the potential for Network Marketing success and the marvelous opportunity for common people to become Rich Networkers, that they’ve actually denied that their own model of business is a pyramid. Every human structure from governments to sports teams and companies to colleges is shaped like a pyramid.

Each level is comprised of fewer and fewer people who have climbed a little bit higher in the pyramid than those below. The largest level in each pyramid is the very bottom where dwell those who have the least influence and earn the smallest amount of money.

In traditional pyramids, after forty years of company politics, skillful competition, back biting and sometimes deceitful behavior, a very few make it to the highest rungs of the structure. To be fair, many are wonderful people who deserve to be at the top after several decades of hard work, skillful politics and self-improvement. That’s not the point.

In Network Marketing, everyone starts at the very pinnacle of his or her own infrastructure and succeeds by elevating others who are below them in their organization. Those who recruit people who are more skilled than they are make the most money. That is, if they can keep their egos in check and avoid alienating associates.

Rich Networkers were all Poor Networkers first. The more we shared, the more income we earned. Above all else, ignore any dictatorial corporate or field leader who resists your attempts to spread good information to your organization. Share what’s working and ignore what isn’t. My mentor Richard Kall taught me the importance of a balanced ego and I’ll always be indebted to him. While other leaders were censoring their people from outside information, Richard always encouraged me to learn from everyone.The more we shared, the richer we became.

Our industry is about freedom, not bondage.

If I were to isolate one factor which has contributed above everything else to my success, it would be Richard Kall’s encouragement. He never censored me or put me down. He encouraged me to develop tools, learn from other company leaders and always remain open minded. I wrote the international bestseller Your First Year in Network Marketing because of Richard’s influence. Richard Kall brought out the best in me and on those few rare occasions when I recruited more front line people than he did, Richard made certain that everyone in our company knew it. I truly believe that Richard wanted me to do better than him.

My advice is that you seek a MLM training mentor and aspire to be the same quality mentor to others.

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