Network Marketing Secret #4: Rich Networkers are Motivated by “No Limits”

The Five Secrets of Becoming a Rich Networker is a series of excerpts from Mark Yarnell’s Volume 1 of “The Holy Grail of Network Marketing Collection.” You will find more in-depth information about each secret at

Rich Networkers are motivated by “no limits” while poor networkers are focused on fringe accomplishments. Focus on earning bigger checks, not achieving higher pin levels.

Perks are simply perks. They seldom motivate Rich Networkers. There’s nothing wrong with recognition, especially recognizing the success of your team members. In fact, recognition is an important part of leading others to develop to their full potential. However, what fundamentally motivates Rich Networkers is the freedom to earn big money with no ceiling.

Rich networkers are motivated by huge checks. Poor Networkers focus on winning trips or plaques. The reason this secret is important to understand is that if you want to be a Rich Networker and find network marketing success you’ll need to both respond to the right motivational tools and use effective tools with your team.

Competitions are sometimes helpful in getting your team to work, but Rich Networkers and industry icons personally care very little about fringe benefits. The danger is that you might start believing that a cruise to Mexico is more important than earning big money and free time. Pin levels and paid vacations are wonderful perks, and good interim or short term motivators, but Rich Networkers go for the money. Don’t ever forget that.

Don’t keep this secret from your team. Encourage them to shift their focus from buying recognition to seeking wealth.

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