Network Marketing Secret #3: Rich Networkers are Proud of Network Marketing

The Five Secrets of Becoming a Rich Networker is a series of excerpts from Mark Yarnell’s Volume 1 in the series,“The Holy Grail of Network Marketing Collection.” You will find more in-depth information about each secret at

Exude pride in our industry. One of the key secrets to network marketing success is simply becoming a strong advocate of our profession. Don’t hide what you do for a living. You’re a Network Marketing professional. Be proud of this industry and advance it every chance you get.

Be proud of the fact that you can help hundreds of people achieve their dreams. It’s no secret that traditional business often holds people back. Why do most folks ignore that fact?

Rich Networkers delight in the success of their team members and build a culture of accomplishment within their organizations. If someone beneath you in your network is doing better than you are, you should be literally ecstatic because you’re compensated for their efforts.
On the other hand, if someone beneath you in a Fortune 100 company proves to be more competent, watch out because they could take your job.

The underlying rewards system in traditional capitalism is flawed because it’s seldom in a manager’s best interest to promote others based on competence. An unspoken, but very real strategy in traditional capitalism is, “Hold back your best people and take credit for their efforts.”

In contrast, a primary strategy in Network Marketing is “elevate others through edification.”

Be proud of the fact that you can help hundreds of people achieve their dreams.

Be proud of the speed at which hard working Networkers can accelerate income levels and lifestyles. As industry trainer Jerry Clark says, “It’s much easier to build fast than slow.” In my case, it took four years to go from near bankruptcy to radical wealth. In April of 1986, my bank was threatening to repo my used car and within six months, I had my own tennis court. Four years later, I owned three homes, a boat, an airplane and I’d travelled throughout much of the world. I have no college degree or special work experience and I certainly had no significant capital to invest. What were my secrets? I list them all out for you, in my book and CD series, “The Holy Grail of Network Marketing Collection.”

Be proud of our industry’s products and services because they are far superior to anything sold through traditional channels. They have to be more efficacious because none of our companies pays big money to PR firms or Madison Avenue advertising agencies. If our products aren’t outstanding, the companies go under. How’s that for market-driven capitalism?

Word-of-mouth works better than any other advertising because people don’t promote what doesn’t work. We all know that. Most importantly, customers don’t reorder products unless they deliver value.

I am proud that our industry is the great equalizer, and the perfect vehicle for allowing all individuals to rise to their full potential.

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