Network Marketing: How It Can Help You Fulfill Your Dreams

“In the heaven of unfulfilled dreams

The lives we might have led sit

Silently and face eternity with no hope.” – Mark Yarnell

It must be terrible to awaken at an older age and come face-to-face with the fact that no personal dreams have been achieved. Of course, it must be worse for network marketing professionals than any others because we have no limits on our dreams. Except, that is, for those who choose money games over legitimate MLM business opportunities, or those who decide to consult instead of building a business. Professional networkers need not worry about “the lives we might have led.”

There is one exception to that rule. It’s the person who joins a legitimate company with great products and a lucrative compensation plan at the right time and then spends an entire career in activities designed to avoid productivity. Listening to tapes, studying the comp plan, and weekly in-home meetings are all designed to look like effort. They aren’t. If our goal in network marketing is to lead by example, we must spend the majority of our time talking to potential customers and prospects. We must convince them that once they receive MLM Training, through enthusiasm and hard-work, they will see realize the network marketing opportunity that has been presented to them, and strive for MLM success. Time spent planning is wasted. It takes me an hour or two each January to write down goals and the rest of the year to achieve them.

Those in salaried jobs have plenty of excuses for why they die with unfulfilled dreams. Those of us blessed with the brains to understand leveraged effort have no excuse for unfulfilled dreams once we’ve selected a great company. That is – those of us who spend the majority of our time recruiting instead of babysitting.

That’s my weekly message…now, go to work!


“This week I will achieve great things as I focus on wealth through front line recruiting.”

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