Although many of the best authors in numerous fields are of the opinion that most Americans are not prepared to make the sacrifices necessary to change the direction of humanity, I refuse to abandon my optimism.

Right before the fall of the Roman Empire, Livy wrote, “We have reached the point where we cannot stand either our vices or their cures.”

While necessary changes may appear difficult, we better get to work because history is very clear about one fact. When any world power in the past found itself with both its moral ecology and economic growth in disarray at the same time, it slipped into dictatorship.

I believe that today it’s different because of two new and unique cultural facts. First, digital communications provide us for the very first time in human history with the ability to get the facts to the masses in a hurry. That means that if something really makes sense, everyone can learn about it in time to initiate change. That’s the main reason I ask you to please pass this blog forward if you agree with it.

Second, Network Marketing is a new profession without any earnings cap and it provides a vehicle for average people to rapidly accumulate the money, power and time freedom necessary to facilitate change. That’s why I continue to champion this industry. To cash in now, kick back and disregard everyone else, would be to give in to the poverty of affluence. As long as so many others are suffering, no amount of personal material belongings can bring anyone complete happiness and fulfillment…certainly not me.

I believe that three things are self-evident. First, change is possible if enough decent people create the personal wealth and time freedom to facilitate that change.

Second, if we offer the best strategies in the best field in order to assist people in the accumulation of personal prosperity, millions of decent folks will then have the time and incentive to join us and accept the challenge.

Third, I believe that those who acquire our training materials and accumulate enough personal resources and free time to make a real cultural difference will respect us enough to participate in our social initiatives.

It is simply no longer acceptable to deny the human condition in our quest for personal prosperity. Perhaps you agree.

So here’s the deal. We’ll help you acquire the funds, then let’s give everyone the same opportunity.

Remember, we live in a very unique time. Those millions of folks who desired change in every previous historical empire, lacked the communications tools we have and the personal funds available to us.

Those poor souls with big hearts, though in the majority, simply lacked the ability and resources to demand changes that were in the best interest of the masses. In the history of all humanity, we alone have the capacity to refocus our efforts and redefine destinies.

I believe the masses in every generation have always been decent folks who were unfortunately born into caste systems of labor and poverty governed by ruling elites who were focused on perpetuating their own wealth, power and control.

That’s not the case today. But if we continue to allow ourselves to be dumbed down without a fight into robotic consumers who refuse to embrace the higher ideals of character, morality and charity, we will have no one to blame but ourselves when our culture follows in the footsteps of all others and descends into a swirling vortex of mediocrity and institutionalized greed.

And please don’t be delusional. Every world power and advanced human civilization has been sucked into the same vortex which we are now poised to enter. There are no exceptions in all of recorded history. My analysis may not be pleasant, but it is factual. Let’s deal with it.

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