Network Marketing 101: Residual Income is Key to Your MLM Success

Save your money for a rainy day and you’ll get your rainy day.” -N.V. Peale

After a positive thinking rally, I once asked Doc Peale if he wasn’t maybe sending the wrong message and he just laughed at me. He said people need to put money into circulation instead of hoarding it. I now understand what he meant.

Life is a process of achieving fulfillment especially that which results from altruistic objectives. It turns out that creating goals bigger than ourselves has two tremendous benefits. One is, if we are working for worthy causes about which we are passionate – all of a sudden we become worth $100,000 a month. Two, everything we give away, for some unscientific reason, comes back multiplied. Don’t ask me why, I have no idea. But I do know this: hoard your money for a rainy day and you’ll eventually get your rainy day. Doc Peale was right.
Those who give unselfishly to causes of worldly significance often earn more money than they can possibly spend. MLM success is about huge, passive residual incomes not capital preservation. I’d rather earn $100,000 a month and give 90% away than $10,000 a month and save half!


“I am earning more money than I can possibly spend by sharing more than most people save.”

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