Today I was half way through writing a blog about how to recruit Realtors when I received a very disturbing telephone call. A woman from Atlanta called to tell me that I was a “fool” for thinking that Congress would allow Americans to lose their freedom to use and sell nutritional food supplements by accepting the World Trade Organization’s Codex rules.

She basically told me that we live in a constitutional democracy and our right to consume nutritional juices, vitamins and herbs of our choice are protected. That’s when I realized that some Network Marketers need a basic course in reality.

If you’re among those people who think that CODEX isn’t coming or Congress will protect us from it, here’s a short history lesson from a year and a half ago. The mainstream media didn’t cover this story because many Americans were more focused on Brittany Spears. And, of course, most journalists don’t want to wind up like Dan Rather.

As societies evolve, they tend to become more compassionate. The more educated, the more rational and decent. In America, we once bought slaves, yet today we respect defenseless animals. That is, we did until November 27, 2006 when Congress passed the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act by a vote of 5 to 1. Out of several hundred Congresspersons, only 6 were present for the vote.

Let me explain. If special interest companies want to ramrod a bill through Congress, they simply have the House Judiciary Committee place the vote on the “suspension calendar” which allows for a voice vote. Then they hold the vote hours before the scheduled time so less than 10% of the lawmakers will be present.

That’s how they passed the AETA Bill (Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act). That’s also how they might approve CODEX. That way, congressional representatives will be able to act upset when the supplement industry is handed over to big Pharma and MLM is basically dealt a fatal blow.

Before 2006, if animal rights activists discovered that a major company was testing new shampoo by dropping it into the eyes of rabbits to see how they responded, they could file a formal protest. Now, they can’t or they’re called terrorists and put into jail.

By violating the first and fourteenth Amendments and defining whistle blowers of animal cruelty as terrorists if they “interfere with corporate profits,” they can and already have put people in jail.

The group Earth First was charged with terrorism and sentenced to 22 years in prison collectively for posting a website that exposed corporations involved in the vivisection industry. Vivisection is the act of cutting into or performing operations on live animals for the purpose of experimentation or scientific research.

Now for the insanity…160 groups opposed this law before 5 Congress people passed it. The National Lawyers Guild, the League of Human Voters, the Natural Resources Defense Council, The Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine and The New York City Bar Association were among the credible groups that opposed this nonsense.

That’s why in an earlier blog I suggested that you send a letter about CODEX to your Presidential candidate. Congress will not protect MLMrs against CODEX and the plan of big Pharma to take total control of the herbal, vitamin, nutritional juice and supplement industry. Period. End of the story.

I’m not necessarily against animal testing. I’m against animal testing in secret. Consumers should have the right to know which companies are engaged in animal testing so they can decide which products to purchase based on full disclosure. Calling people terrorists and putting them in jail for posting facts about animal testing is potently absurd.

Giving our government the power to monitor and control our use of supplements is patently absurd. But when journalists remain silent as a bogus congressional act makes factual disclosure of business practices a punishable offense, that’s anarchy.

So, I’ve done my part by telling the truth. The ball is now in your court and I’m terribly sorry for being so negative.

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