Multi Level Marketing Works With Enthusiasm and Energy, Not Experience

“Success results much more often from attitude than ability.”- Dr. Norman V. Peale

For the past year I’ve enjoyed the process of observing the emergence of a new MLM company which may be the next billion dollar international dynasty. Many network marketing industry legends have chosen to get involved, as have a number of completely inexperienced business builders seeking MLM success. The official launch actually occurred in September of 2001 but distributors were permitted to actively recruit in early July of that year. It was astonishing to witness the young novices taking advantage of this network marketing opportunity, out-recruiting the veterans at a rate of nearly ten to one, and seeing the MLM leads pile in.

So impressed was I with these statistics that I began calling several of the veterans and the novices to try to understand the phenomenon. As expected, the difference all boils down to attitude. The network marketing legends lacked the energy and enthusiasm to truly motivate others to take action while the new people were on fire with contagious enthusiasm.

Doc Peale was right. So was John Wesley when he wrote: “Catch on fire with enthusiasm and people will come from miles to watch you burn.” If ability has let you down, try enthusiasm. Few can resist the temptation to partner with an enthusiastic person. This week, focus on adjusting your attitude. Armed with enough passion anyone can ultimately become a legend in network marketing. That’s how Multi Level Marketing works.


“I am on fire with enthusiasm because I am in an unlimited opportunity and no one can slow my momentum.”

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