Multi Level Marketing Works… Only If You’re All-In

“The Grass Is Always Greener Until It’s Time to Mow.”

Mark B.Yarnell

There is no other trait more prevalent among wealthy entrepreneurs than resilience. Those who see network marketing success and make it to the very pinnacle have the marvelous ability to put on blinders to other opportunities and focus exclusively on one. Nowhere is that more evident than in the field of Network Marketing. Randy Schraeder, Todd Smith, Paul Orbison, Jerry Campezi, Jimmy Kossert and other legends like them have remained in one company for years and years in spite of inevitable challenges. Yet consultants, who don’t see any MLM success and have never succeeded in the trenches, continue to extol the virtues of doing multiple deals and remaining open to new opportunities. Authors who have never built a downline sell unproven systems to inexperienced networkers. Those who were once married to successful people offer bogus advice to the masses.

According to a Rexall survey in Charles King’s latest book, The New Professionals, 85% of all networkers work less than 10 hours a week in building their businesses. That tells me that virtually 9 out of 10 people never get around to mowing in the first place. No wonder so few people ever make the big money and see network marketing success. Make a long-term commitment to one company, see MLM success, or quit the industry. Network Marketing is a profession not a hobby, and I’m fed up with industry critics who fail to acknowledge the very real fact that most networkers never go to work in the first place.

“I focus exclusively on one opportunity and my resilience leads to unlimited wealth and time freedom.”

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