Multi Level Marketing Training: Ignite the Fire in Your MLM Leads

“The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be ignited.”– Plutarch, Roman Philosopher

If there is one common mistake many Networkers make, it’s taking a simple concept and making it unnecessarily complex. People don’t need their minds filled with facts and figures calculated to inform them about product ingredients, comp plans, new services, corporate leadership credibility, web sites, fax-on-demand info, sales tools and future expansion. The more information we provide to prospects, the more likely they will ignore our MLM business opportunities.

Prospective distributors are interested in two things: how to earn the most money possible and how to achieve more time and freedom to spend with family and friends?

As we’ve worked for our network marketing success, our goal should always be to ignite their enthusiasm with the excitement of big money and time freedom. It’s not that people are stupid, it’s just that they won’t get excited about facts on product ingredients and technical comp plans.

Try one week of prospecting during which you simply talk to people about unlimited financial potential and time freedom. Then send them to a conference call, sizzle call or informational web site AFTER you have captured their curiosity. Simple enthusiasm is what ignites the minds of others, especially in the initial encounter.


“This week I succeed dramatically by discussing wealth and time freedom passionately with everyone I meet.”

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