MLM Success: Network Marketing is a Full-Time Job, not Part-Time Hobby

One week we got a fax from a lady who requested info about our network marketing company, more specifically, how our Multi Level Marketing works. She didn’t have time to call us because her husband was busy doing 3-way calls for the company they were in currently. She wanted to know how many quick-start packs she would need to buy in order to earn $1,000 a week.

 My response was swift and decisive:

            “MLM success is about distribution, not garage qualifying in one deal after another.”

It’s truly amazing how the MLM and networking marketing mindset has changed over the past decade. People hop from deal to deal then blame their failures on our industry. The key to long-term MLM success is very simple. Find a ground-floor company, a great upline, a product you love then go to work full-time and make a two-year commitment. Don’t look at any other company and don’t treat MLM business opportunities, more importantly, our industry like a part-time hobby. Network marketing is a profession not a little Biz, and network marketing success isn’t an overnight endeavor! Those of us who have MLM success, and make it to the pinnacle aren’t more educated or articulate than others, we are more committed and more resilient. MLM success is about long-term focus not short-term opportunism. Leveraged income becomes passive, residual income in those companies that market consumable products or services. No one ever brought his way to lasting income in MLM.


“This week I succeeded dramatically by asking dozens of people to purchase my products and/or join my business opportunity.”

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