MLM Success Makes You Strive For More, Not Settle For Less

“Laziness may appear attractive, but work gives satisfaction.” – Anne Frank

I think time freedom is nothing more than a grand illusion. I was one of those networkers who achieved total wealth and time freedom, and headed off to Switzerland to spend my remaining years skiing and hang gliding. It only took me six months to get bored with gourmet food and unproductive leisure time activities.

The real joy in any profession, especially MLM, is the building process. It’s the pioneering spirit and uncertainty that bring true satisfaction.

Time freedom may be one of the hooks we all dangle in front of new recruits, but the real satisfaction comes from striving to attain that freedom. I want to always be in the trenches, hearing the word “no” from those who can’t seem to understand our industry. I want to end each day frustrated because of the stupid objections I’ve heard, but pleasantly tired from having worked diligently.

I want to spend the rest of my life helping people rise to their fullest potential. I want to hear stupid comments from turkeys who force me to defend our industry. Then, when the big bucks start coming in, I want to feel pride and joy that go along with giving it all away and starting over.

Anne Frank had it all figured out. Laziness and time freedom shrink to insignificance compared with the satisfaction derived from hard work.


“I awaken each morning with enthusiasm and spring forth with a mighty passion to achieve unlimited wealth and personal fulfillment.”

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