MLM Business Opportunities Let you Give More Than Take

“It is well to remember that the entire population of the Universe, with one trifling exception, is composed of others.” – Andrew Holmes

Nothing is more critical to one’s MLM success than helping a bunch of other people get what they’re after. In fact Zig Ziglar built a career around the whole idea that if you just help enough people get what they want, you’ll eventually get what you want. I totally agree.

In the last millennium, the 80’s were called the “Greed Decade.” Everybody was running around shouting “me, me, me!” And what was the net result? Many people wound up doing time in federal penitentiaries. Bankers, lawyers, C.P.A’s and many other professionals ruined themselves and their families. Why? Because self-centered, greedy behavior cannot result in long-term success, in network marketing and in life.

If you want to earn more money than you can possibly spend and live a balanced serene life, pay attention to out number1’s Self-Wealth principal…Create a goal bigger than yourself. Plan to give away $50,000 a month to a worthy cause about which you are passionate. This is the week to select a specific passionate cause and commit a huge amount of money. No more lip service.

Remember, other than one exception, the entire universe is composed of others. Figure out what you can do for them and your own life will fall into place.


“I am focused on achieving dramatic wealth and using it to leave my world a better place.”

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