MLM Business Opportunities: How to Separate your MLM Leads

                              ”When people say, “no” they don’t mean, “yes”. – Mark Yarnell

Network Marketing is a challenging profession, which demands a certain kind of person. Above all else, networkers require a tremendous self-image and a pioneering, risk-taking mentality. Most people don’t see MLM success because they don’t have the talent. So, when prospects say “no” after you’ve given them your best shot, move on.

Most people don’t ever attempt to rise to their full potential and many are frightened tremendously when faced with an unlimited network marketing opportunity. The last thing you need to do is argue with such a person or set up a three-way with your upline.

The faster that network marketing leads and prospects who don’t have the talent say “no,” the better off you are. It’s those folks who pretend they are interested and then drag you and your upline through needless conversations who are your worst problem. When people say “no” in the first five minutes, respect their objections and understand that they mean “no.” Some people may eventually show interest in the potential your network marketing opportunity presents, and some may not.

I have five or six “chronics” who contact me every two or three months with a new excuse. They are just about ready to be wealthy and they know everyone in the world. Once they finish one more project, read one more book, or once I send them just “one more” bit of information,” they are going to sign up and drive this deal to the moon. Bull.

Some network marketing prospects will never have the courage to say “no.” And that brings me to my final point: when people say, “yes,” unless they go to work immediately, they don’t always mean, “yes.” Actions speak much louder than words.


“I support those who demonstrate a willingness to work and refuse to argue with those who do not.”

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