Mark’s Books

Mark’s Books

How to Become Filthy Stinking Rich Through Network Marketing: Without Alienating Friends and Family (With Valerie Bates, Derek Hall, Shelby Hall)

The Lotus Code: Timeless Wisdom for Accelerated Prosperity (Book by Valerie Bates, CD by Mark Yarnell)

The Holy Grail of Network Marketing Collection: (Books and CDs)

  • Seven Secrets to Becoming a Rich Networker
  • Secrets and Strategies for Rejection-Free Network Marketing
  • How to Stay Motivated 365 Days a Year (with Valerie Bates)
  • The Survival Guide to the Top 20 Land Mines in Network Marketing (with Valerie Bates)

Your First Year in Network Marketing

Your Best Year in Network Marketing

Self-Wealth: Creating Prosperity, Serenity, and Balance in Your Life (With Valerie Bates and John Radford, PhD)

Power Speaking

Should You Quit before You’re Fired? (With Paul Zane Pilzer)

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