Let’s End the Blame Game in Network Marketing

Last week I watched a documentary about people who were dying. The interviewer was asking them all kinds of questions and an answer from one guy really grabbed me. It was indicative of how defeatist some human beings in western culture have become. The guy was 300 pounds overweight, dying from complications related to his weight and he knew had less than a week to live. The interviewer asked him, “Are you scared?” He said, “No, but I’m a bit angry. I just can’t believe that my friends and family allowed me to get this fat.”

I couldn’t believe my ears and yet I hear a similar version of this attitude from Networkers who blame others for their own mediocrity. If I could wave a magic wand and create one universal mindset among entrepreneurs it would be simply this, “I am responsible for my income.”

In Network Marketing the only objective is to sell products or services and recruit new distributors. No upline ever dragged anyone across the finish line. We’re paid to sponsor and sponsors are people who provide opportunities.

Can you imagine Tiger Woods saying, “I can’t believe Nike let me lose the Masters!” Nike is his sponsor, not his babysitter. Don’t waste time worrying about your upline and never waste time babysitting your downline. Do support those who are working, but don’t feel responsible for those who project their failure onto you.

A leader is someone who consistently demonstrates what’s possible. That’s what makes Tiger Woods so great. He keeps winning because he keeps doing what he’s paid to do. You are today exactly where you have chosen to be and it has absolutely nothing to do with anyone but you.

The same is true about everyone in your downline, so don’t waste your time pandering to those who want to blame you for their averagism. You provided them access to the greatest opportunity in capitalism, what they do with it is solely up them.

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