Knowledge, Risk and Sacrifice

Each year I’m invited to speak at conventions for major Network Marketing companies and only one thing is predictable at each event. During a question and answer period, regardless of the company, one question always surfaces;

“Mr. Yarnell you’ve been in this business for over twenty years. What is the biggest change you’ve seen occur in our industry?”

The answer is simple. The same elements required for success twenty-two years ago are also necessary today. Those three elements are knowledge, risk and sacrifice. People must have the wisdom necessary to prospect, recruit and train quality people. They must be willing to risk a few hundred dollars to get started. And people must be willing to make the sacrifice each day to treat this like a real business instead of just a little, part-time venture.

Fortunately there really haven’t been any changes in terms of the requirements necessary for dramatic success. But there has been one major change in the thinking of most Network Marketers. I remember in the early days how willing I was to borrow money to get on a plane and go anywhere when a great leader was willing to coach me. In one case, only three months into my business, I borrowed two thousand dollars to fly to Long Island, New York to be mentored by an expert.

The only change that has occurred in today’s Network Marketing world seems to be a reluctance to make intelligent sacrifices. Today it’s possible to get more knowledge than was ever available before. Our Holy Grail of Network Marketing offers literally the most brilliant concepts from the most brilliant men and women, all of whom have earned millions over the last twenty-two years. So the knowledge is there and we offer it. The change that’s occurred is that many people are unwilling to make the small sacrifices necessary to learn. In the early days, those of us who made the big money were willing to risk whatever we could borrow in order to meet with other leaders, although at that time there were very few leaders who could teach us the business.

When I consider The Holy Grail of Network Marketing and what it holds for people in terms of opportunities, I’m shell shocked at the number of people who are afraid to invest $1.87 a day in our training. That’s about what it costs each year to receive all four books and 12 CD’S.

People call me all the time excited about the opportunity to participate in The Holy Grail but express concern about it costing them the equivalent of one bottled water a day. Duh! Think about that. For under two dollars a day people get an opportunity to learn how to earn $300,000 a month. And yet many people consider that too risky an investment in their own success.

Remember, the same criteria today existed twenty-two years ago for people who wanted to make the big money. Three things are needed; knowledge, risk and sacrifice. We now have the knowledge that has been accumulated over the last twenty-two years of interviewing the best leaders in this industry. Are you willing to make the sacrifice yourself, and encourage your people to sacrifice the equivalent of a bottle of water a day in order to join Holy Grail? Are you willing to sacrifice two to three hours each day and honestly apply what you learn? Because if the answer to those two questions is yes, nothing can stop you. If the answer is no…don’t quit your day job.

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