Keeping Productive in Stupid Circumstances Especially in MLM

“If a thousand people believe a stupid thing, it’s still a stupid thing.” -Mark Yarnell

But what happens when one person believes a stupid thing? Some people react to uninformed criticism immediately, especially in Network Marketing.

Often, in their quest to avoid an unlimited MLM opportunity, prospects will surface ridiculous objections. Or, new distributors who have done very little, if anything, will become overly critical about some obscure elements of a product, company or comp plan. The trap into which even the best leaders often fall is the waste of focus and energy that occurs when a negative person diverts us into an area of worthless minutiae. There are some simple rules which can keep us productive in “stupid” circumstances.

First, prospects haven’t earned the right to be critical of your opportunity. Until they’ve signed up, been trained and gone to work, they don’t really have the wisdom to provide constructive criticism. Listen cordially, and then go back to work.

Second, until new distributors have proven their loyalty and achieved a few months of productive retailing and team building, they haven’t earned the right to begin criticizing anything. Gently guide them back to work.

Don’t be tempted to waste your time by focusing on such people’s suggestions. Sell your product, sell your opportunity and don’t worry about critics who haven’t earned the right to divert your focus.

More often than not, such criticism is unfounded. When prospects or new distributors are attempting to defend, rationalize and justify their motives for inactivity or failure, they will always point the finger at anything or anyone other than themselves.

Coach them through it, act as a role model and carry on like any great leader would… don’t argue, merely demonstrate what’s possible with network marketing.

“ I prosper dramatically by ignoring those who criticize my opportunity or product.”

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