Is It Just Me?

I’m very concerned, based on the facts I’ve been reading, that technology companies may be using subliminal messaging to infantilize all Americans. I’ll tell you what I think…I think Americans are being infantilized digitally. I think the dumbing-down of America may just be the inevitable final stage of hyper-consumerism. Is it just me?

I grew up in Missouri and the President of our local Fisco Railroad, Richard Grayson, led his company into profitability every year. For that leadership he earned slightly over $200,000 a year and lived in a nice home. His kids were my friends. This past week, Ford Motors announced a record loss of 12 billion dollars, the closing of over a dozen plants and layoffs of 38,000 workers. Ford’s President earned 28 million dollars for four months work and was given the corporate jet for personal travel as a perk. Excuse me folks, but is anyone paying attention?

Is there anyone else out there as befuddled as I am? The regulators don’t seem to have any problem hammering little MLM companies for making earnings claims, but I don’t see anyone in our industry earning $28,000,000 every four months by cheating their downlines. So where are the regulators when corporate leaders screw people out of their job and benefits? Are you with me here? Have we all fallen down Alice’s rabbit hole into an upside down backward world?

Two days ago Paula Zahn acted indignant about the fact that four unsupervised school kids were caught playing sex games in the back of a 5th grade classroom. Why should any journalist be surprised about such behavior when Paris Hilton was catapulted into Red Carpet Status shortly after a web cast appeared showing her engaged in premarital sex. If the media insists on glamorizing the Anna Nicole Smiths and Paris Hiltons of the world as celebrity role models, shouldn’t we expect our youngest kids to immulate their behavior?

Folks, I beg you. Get to work, build a legitimate distribution network and then get ready for the Great American “Duh-Out.” Within the next ten years, people are either going to be ultra wealthy or sucking hind tit. (That’s an old Missouri saying and it’s not politically correct, but it is certainly descriptive and accurate.) If the citizens of North America continue to allow themselves to be dumbed down, at some point, for no apparent reason, every adult in North America will suddenly sit down wherever they are, drool on their shirts, stare off into space, and collectively yell, “DUH!”

When that happens you’re going to want to have plenty of passive residual income and a cabin at least 50 miles from the nearest city. At least then you’re beyond walking distance from the majority of tatooed, armed and dangerous, room temperature level I.Q., Duh-out victims from cybercellhell who had no idea that their blackberries were really subliminal zombie makers.

Remember above all else, the reason for this iblog and my free Yarnell Sizzle Call is to empower Networkers. Why? Because we are the last hold outs in the effort to dumb-down America. We are grass roots capitalists who market products that people actually need. We promote ethics over profits, values over image and efficacy over hype. No sweatshops in MLM. No infantile ads. Just sustainable, accountable companies that harness the entrepreneurial spirit and compete against giant corporations who are dedicated to selling crap we don’t need and replacing the American Bald Eagle who fishes for salmon with a clown who sells sugar and grease.

Some people will be offended by the truth, but I suggest you get this information to everyone who will read it. Let’s rebuild democracy and capitalism one relationship at a time from the bottom up by employing the one remaining authentic strategy “word of mouth” Networking. And please don’t be seduced into the virtual world of faux feelings and simulated sentiments. To truly make a difference, we all need to be humanly engaged with real people, either selling products or recruiting prospects. Civilization can not be sustained by virtual wealth and sideways text.

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