How You Can Create A Several Million Dollar Yearly Income

I receive many inquiries from people who have often gone to great lengths to find me, and then suppressed their pride and ego just long enough to call my number.

Most of us, especially those regarded as leaders, demonstrate courage anytime we ask another person for help. I respect those who call. Once I’ve assured them that I’ll never betray their trust or anonymity, they usually feel comfortable unloading their problems. Over the years I’ve heard it all.

Although the challenges facing Network Marketers are quite diverse, the underlying problem is always the same. People who contact me are struggling between the world as they would like it to be and their world as it actually is.

They’ve either read one my books or heard one of my recordings and they know that my fun life for over two decades has resulted from a successful career in Network Marketing. What people really want to know is how I created an income of several million dollars a year.

Most people really believe that if they could earn $300,000 a month, their life would be exciting. And you know what? They are absolutely right. Several million a year rocks.

Some people pretend that they fear big money because it seems so “greedy” and “unspiritual.” Of course, that’s a load of hogwash. Anyone with an IQ above room temperature knows that nobody is going to hold a gun to their head and force them to buy a bunch of Lamborghinis or shop for all their clothing at Neiman Marcus. Anyone with big money can use any or all of it to help others. Fear of greed or love of money are marvelous excuses for wallowing in mediocrity, but that’s all they are – excuses.

Others call me to either try to figure out how I got so lucky in such a confusing field like MLM or to discredit our profession because they’ve failed. They feel a need to prove to themselves that they are okay and of course, I always assure them that they’re fine. But I make certain that they fully understand that neither their failure nor my success have anything to do with luck. I busted my chops for ten years in Nu Skin and eight years in Legacy before retiring and creating The Holy Grail training program.

What always used to amaze me was how some people I trained made big money while others failed miserably. In hindsight, I can now tell you exactly why that happens. Those who did what I taught them prospered. Those who didn’t, failed. Period. End of story. Unfortunately, many people would rather learn how to do something than actually do it.

What makes the Internet so appealing, according to my few acquaintances who’ve made a bundle online, is that it’s all about selling information and doing nothing. In fact, they’re selling information about how to sell information while sitting at home doing nothing.

That may work in virtual reality, but in the offline real world of Network Marketing, those who get to the huge checks do two things. First, they learn from people like me exactly how I got there. Second, they go to work and apply what they learned. They don’t look around for other systems and they refuse to be seduced by upstart, ground floor, “hurry and take a position before you miss out” type companies.

But here’s what’s interesting, to get back to my main point…most people who call me because they’re struggling are not just making one or two little mistakes. They’re doing everything wrong. I’m a pretty good Networker, but I’d fail using the strategies most people describe. It’s almost as if a million monkeys are somewhere in the world typing on a million typewriters and every time one of them churns out a couple of semi-coherent pages, within a week or so someone on the Internet is marketing it as “The Newest MLM Secret.”

I spent two decades digging for the information I can make available to you in one week. I spent thousands of dollars learning stuff from leaders on every continent. It’s now available for a dollar or so a day. It took me several years to organize the materials into The Holy Grail Collection, but it will take you only a few weeks to study and learn it all.

You’ll have everything you need to earn $300,000 a month or more. But here’s the catch – you have to order the first four volumes of the Holy Grail, study the materials very carefully, then go to work doing exactly what we teach you.

Next, you need to insist that all the new people you recruit are willing to make that same commitment. I don’t care if your upline, crossline, company president, best friend or pastor tells you not to use The Holy Grail, that’s what you need to do.

I truly believe that each of those people cares about your success, but Network Marketing is about wisdom. My dad loved me tremendously, but he had never earned over $100,000 a month, so he couldn’t guide me to a place he’d never been. Instead he tried to tell me that my efforts wouldn’t work.

It was a total stranger named Richard Kall who taught me how to achieve the big money and yet he hardly knew me. But he knew how to achieve wealth in MLM and he taught me. It was a sacrifice to fly to Long Island and be mentored by him and I had to borrow money to do it. But what’s a thousand bucks when one can learn to earn a hundred times that amount every month? If a new recruit can’t sacrifice a few hundred dollars for the first four volumes of The Holy Grail, what does that tell you?

Richard taught several of us and those who listened and took action became very wealthy. You and I may never meet, but I know exactly what you need to do to get to the big money. If your spouse or upline or pastor could teach you how to earn over $100,000 a month, you’d already be there. They just can’t take you where they’ve never been. And for purely ego reasons, some will erect a wall of resistance against those of us who can give you the tools you need.

Here’s one promise I can make with 100% certainty. Most people who resist The Holy Grail are not making the kind of money we can teach you to make. As childish as it may sound, some leaders will not be very happy when you pass them by.

You pose absolutely no ego threat to any leader who is already enjoying total wealth and time freedom. But remember, if you achieve in five months what some other leader in your company has not accomplished in five years, that can be embarrassing. Just don’t let anyone’s resistance block you from being a leader.

If you’re ready to become a leader, first you’ve got to quit being a follower. That will involve risk, effort and sacrifice, which is exactly the price we paid to get where we are.

I’m tired of sitting back politely while a handful of misguided, self-appointed leaders promote delusional systems to vulnerable human beings who are trapped in a swirling vortex of recessionary economics, fiscal irresponsibility and lowered expectations.

If you’re searching for some metaphysical “secret” shortcut to unearned wealth, I’m not your man. Keep playing the lotto and forget about The Holy Grail.

But, if you decide to accept responsibility for your current reality, make the sacrifices necessary to achieve radical wealth and risk a few hundred dollars on our proven system, order the first four volumes and fasten your seatbelt.

There’s an economic tsunami right off shore and we believe that Network Marketing is your best life raft. I can give you the oars, but you have to start paddling.

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